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Why Social Media Matters for Professionals Working Remotely

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For many professionals working from home, there is a question of where to direct their energy. Whether it feels challenging to tackle a full workload from home, or they have more free time than they’re used to, the shift to working from home often requires some adjustments. This week I wanted to take a look at where social media fits into that. Many professionals were actively engaging with social media before switching to remote work, but it’s often something that can fall off the radar as they settle into a new work-from-home system. Despite the changes we’re facing, it’s still important to invest in our social-media pages. With so many people online, our audience is still there. And while things may feel uncertain now, as they evolve, we’ll be grateful to have continued investing in our brand and business. Here are some things to consider:

Stay Present

There are so many people using social media, especially now. This is why it’s so important for professionals to stay present. You don’t want to fade from peoples’ minds. When you actively keep up your presence, you appear in the newsfeed of your audience regularly. Whether they’re in need of a loan officer now or down the line, you want to be the name they think of. Sharing content is a great strategy here. Post relevant, helpful, and interesting content to engage your audience and let them know you’re their go-to expert.

Strengthen Your Brand

This is a great time to do a social-media check-in. Are your profiles up to date? Is your branding cohesive? Do your logos, fonts, and color schemes look the same on your different pages? Are your photos current? You want to ensure that every iteration of your brand reinforces the rest. From there, professionals need to hone their message. What do you want to be known for? Now is a great time to fine-tune your content and ensure you’re conveying the right message to your audience.

Maintain Connection

Social media is a powerful tool for staying connected, especially in these strange times. Whether it’s with past clients, current clients, or potential clients, professionals can use social media to keep the lines of communication open. Working from home doesn’t mean that your network should take a hit. From liking and commenting on others’ posts to sending a direct message, social media gives you multiple options when it comes to making contact.

Grow Your Reach

Social media also gives you a great opportunity for expansion. Sure, you want to reach your current audience, but how can you take that a step further? How can you reach the friends of those people already following your pages? I come back to strong content here. When you publish articles that truly interest and engage your audience, they’ll be motivated to share. Now is a great time to revise and strengthen your content calendar. What are the topics that will resonate most? What are the top concerns of your target demographic? What knowledge do you have to share? When professionals speak to questions like these, they’re more likely to earn the shares and reposts from their current followers.

Don’t underestimate the value of your social-media pages when it comes to staying connected in these challenging times. From keeping your name in prospects’ minds and refining the message of your brand to strengthening relationships and making new connections, this tool offers professionals multiple opportunities to invest in their business.

Don Riggs

VP – Retail Market Leader

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