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What’s Your Reset Strategy?

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Even under more normal circumstances, professionals can benefit from having a reset strategy. With even more pressure and challenges building for many of late, that strategy becomes even more powerful. How do you recalibrate after a particularly challenging day? How do you unwind after a difficult week? When we do this successfully, we make it so that we’re able to continue showing up at our best. We’re able to prevent burnout and proactively address the stress and fatigue that can build up for all professionals. Let’s take a closer look at how loan officers can utilize a reset strategy:

Know When You Need One

Too many professionals push themselves to burnout under the guise of ambition. They justify the exhaustion and stress with the idea that it’s what it takes to build a thriving business. But you can’t build a thriving business if you’re totally burnt out. Professionals need to know how to recognize the signs that a reset is in order so that they can respond accordingly. Maybe it’s that your work life is constantly interrupting your personal life. Maybe it’s that you’re starting to dread Monday mornings. It will vary from individual to individual, so it’s important to reflect on what it looks like for you when things are out of balance.

Balance Your Efforts

Balance will also be important to your actual retreat strategy. You’ll want some energizing activities, like maybe taking a run or going to the gym, as well as some more restorative strategies that will help you relax. When you start to feel that things are off track, these activities can help you recalibrate. If stress is high, maybe you need to unwind with a friend. If motivation is low, maybe you need to go for a run and increase your energy.

Carve Out Time

When we’re feeling off, it can take some real time and effort to return to our optimal state. Professionals need to be willing to carve out the time for this in their schedules. If you feel that you’re not working as effectively as usual and need to reset, that might mean taking a Saturday morning completely to yourself, taking a day off from work, or rearranging plans to accommodate what you need. Whatever the case, be willing to adjust your schedules to accommodate the activities that will help you bounce back,

Create a Toolbox

It’s great to have some go-to activities in mind that you know can help you get back on track. I like to think of it as a reset toolbox. What are the activities that help you get back to a productive, motivated, happy state of mind? What are the activities that energize you? What are the activities that help you relieve stress? These are important to identify in advance so that when you’re feeling the effects of stress or fatigue, there’s a solution ready to go.

Have you felt the need for a rest lately? It’s been a challenging year for many, and finding ways to take care of ourselves mentally and physically is more important than ever. This idea of a reset strategy is one way to address the challenges that may be building up. Do you have a reset strategy that you use in your life? What activities help you get back on track? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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