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What Makes You Tick?

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What drives you? And why does being able to define that matter? As most professionals will tell you, the road to success is rarely a bump-free straight line. Over the course of our careers, we’re likely to encounter ups and downs, challenges, and disappointments. If we want to succeed, we need to know how to stay motivated through difficult times and continue striving for excellence. Understanding what makes you tick can help you stay connected to the things that fuel you. When things are going smoothly, knowing what makes you tick will help to push you to strive for even more ambitious goals. And when things are bumpy, it will help you maintain the focus and energy needed to get to the other side. So, what kinds of questions can you ask yourself to home in on that deep source of motivation and drive? Let’s take a look:

Why did you choose the work that you did?

This is a great question to get started with. Most of us had some choice about the type of work that we chose, so what drew you to working in the mortgage industry? What is rewarding about it? What makes you like your job? What makes you feel passionate about your work? There’s no wrong answer here. It’s about being honest about what compelled you to pursue the career that you did. Understanding that motivation can help you stay focused on the fulfilling nature of your job and prevent feelings of dissatisfaction and burnout.

What does success look like to you?

Sometimes, we can get so focused on the concept of success that we lose sight of what it actually means to us.  Defining and redefining what success looks like to you over the course of your career is essential. Understanding your own conception of success is a major factor in understanding what makes you tick. What are you working towards? What makes the hard work and challenging days worth it? The clearer your vision is for what you want, the more motivation you’ll be able to source from it.

Who do you admire?

This question is another great way to get at what makes us tick. Asking what we want for ourselves is certainly important, but looking outward at the people we admire can give us a valuable new perspective. What makes someone inspiring to you? What do the people you admire have in common? Your answers to these questions can often help to inform your own definition of success and give you a tangible example of what it is your striving for.

How do you stay in touch with this from day to day?

This is the real question. Once you’re clear on what makes you tick, it’s about putting it into practice. When we intentionally stay connected to these things, we reduce the risk of experiencing burnout and becoming dissatisfied in our work. Whether it’s a simple reminder, a gratitude practice, an end-of-the-day check-in — whatever actions help you stay connected to that inner drive.



Could you define what makes you tick? For many of us, it’s one of those large questions that we don’t necessarily take the time to nail down. We might assume we already know or feel too caught up in the day-to-day, but the better we’re able to define this for ourselves, the more support we create for our achievement and success.