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What Kind of Success Do You Want?

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While some professionals are solely focused on their current goals and their performance this quarter, others have a more expansive view of success. The work they’re doing now is certainly important to them, but they also realize that they don’t just want immediate success, they want long-lasting success. They want to build a career in which they can continue to grow and reach new levels of success as they progress. So, how can professionals set themselves up to achieve long-lasting success? Here are a few key tips:

Find Your Balance

Sure, if you’re working twelve-hour days every day and regularly checking in all weekend, you might hit your current sales goal faster than if you were on a more traditional schedule, but is that sustainable? I’d say for most, it’s not. The desire for success can motivate us to go all-in when it comes to our work. If you have your sights set on long-lasting success though, this it’s the work style that you need. Instead, professionals need to focus on balance. They need to make time for their personal lives and to take care of themselves. If you’re going to continue thriving, you need a body and mind to support that. Working yourself to the bone will likely have you burnt out before you reach the future success you want.

Seek Out Inspiration

Long-lasting success isn’t always as immediate. It requires us to set long-term goals and work consistently towards them. This can be challenging when it feels like progress is slow and the endpoint is still far away. When mortgage professionals stay connected to their inspiration though, they can often source the motivation they need to push forward. This might be your own passion for your work, a blog or podcast, or a mentor. Inspiration will look different for each of us, what matters is that you keep it in view.

Make Connections

A network supports long-lasting success in multiple ways. It can help your business grow, it can help you learn from other professionals, it can introduce you to new opportunities, and it can provide support when needed. Fostering real connections takes time, but it’s absolutely worth the effort if you want to have a thriving business years down the line.

Set Goals Regularly

While long-lasting success does require a long-term vision, it also requires the ability to break that vision down into more manageable goals. Professionals should get into the habit of regularly setting goals for themselves. This process of achievement is so important. It will keep you from becoming complacent or content with the status quo. It will keep you pushing forward even when you’ve reached new levels of success. Goals give you unlimited potential for growth and success.

Define and Redefine

It’s important to define your vision for yourself. What does success actually mean to you? What does it look like? It’s also important to remember that what you want your career to look like today may change one year or five years down the road. Ensure that you give yourself the freedom to adjust and redefine that vision of success as needed.


While instant gratification can be satisfying, long-lasting success is well worth the sustained effort. By incorporating some of these tips into your current strategy, you can create a stronger foundation for sustainable success. What are your thoughts about different kinds of success? Please share them with us.


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