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What Does it Take to Generate Consistent Referral Business?

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How can I grow my referral business? It’s a common question among mortgage professionals, and there’s no one easy answer. Developing a strong pipeline of referral business requires time and consistent effort, but it’s absolutely worth the investment. While there’s no single trick to generating this type of business, there are several strategies loan officers can adopt to start increasing their referrals. Let’s dive in:

Earn-It Mentality

So often, we phrase the question as, ‘how I can I get more referrals?’ when the real question needs to be, ‘how can I earn them?’. When you approach your referral business with this mindset, you’re much more likely to zone in on the things that need your attention most. It will keep you committed to your current clients, knowing that it’s their referrals you’re striving to earn. It seems simple, but maintaining this perspective is key.

Prioritize Relationships

When the experience feels like a transaction, it’s understandable that clients aren’t sending endless referrals your way. Without that personal connection, there may not be the trust or motivation needed for them to send friends and family members your way, even if you helped them successfully close on their loan. When you focus on building a personal connection though, you’re much more likely to see referrals. This makes past clients feel like they know you and can confidently send connections your way.

Exceed Expectations

Another important way to build that motivation in your clients to send you referrals is to ensure you’re exceeding expectations. You want to provide a client experience that is so outstanding, they can’t help but talk about it to those they know. If someone mentions needing a mortgage to them a few months or even a few years down the line, you want to be the first thing that comes to mind. Really honing in on the experience you’re providing and striving to go above and beyond wherever possible will create clients who want to send more business your way.

Stay Connected

In addition to a memorably top-notch experience, loan officers also want to maintain the relationships they build to help stay in their past clients’ minds. With occasional outreach to your past clients, you can better stay on their radar for when a referral opportunity does come up.

Do you have any strategies you employ to expand your referral business? Have you run into any specific challenges? If you’d like to discuss these and other strategies in depth, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can set up a time to talk.

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