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Video Learning For Salespeople

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A sales professional is one vocation in which people generally get their education while on the job. I bet you’ve never heard of a Bachelor of Sales degree, and sales gurus would probably laugh at the idea. Those gurus will tell you that real selling is learnt while doing- you fall on your butt, get on your feet again, and keep it up until you hit the bull’s eye. However, it isn’t just a trial and error process; a salesperson will need mentorship from an experienced sales rep. They’ll also want to attend seminars, online trainings, and video sessions with proven sales leaders and experienced sales trainers. In all these cases, people with experience or those who have done in-depth research on the topic will guide you on what needs to be done. They’ll motivate and show you how to win customers. Video learning is a highly effective way to learn for salespeople. Here are five reasons why internet video sites are some of the best ways to learn:


Increases comprehension

Videos come with audio and visual content which really helps break the monotony. You’ll be able to follow the session from beginning to the end, and you’ll have an increased chance of retaining content. The things you learn during the session are more likely to stick because the varied content is more likely to keep your attention- this increases your chances of using it in real-life situations.


Reinforces the message

They say “seeing is believing”. When you watch sales videos with content on how to improve on your act or other motivational messages, the message is reinforced. There’s a smaller chance of forgetting – you’ll likely remember the information when faced with a problem that has been discussed.


Reduces the gap between theory and practice

Reading motivational notes is not enough; they only give you theoretical knowledge. You need to see some action. You’ll need to consume content in which people practice what they have learned. Watching sales videos helps you to bridge the gap between theory and practice. You’ll have a chance to listen and watch people who have succeeded in sales. You won’t only be encouraged, but also feel as if you have met them and seen them in action. Nothing is more powerful than interacting with a person who you feel has achieved great things in life. It’s inspiring and motivating. You may not have a chance to actually meet them in person, but watching their videos gets you close.



You can replay the video over and over again. With workshops and seminars, you have to be totally present to get the entire message and motivation, and even then you may miss some important points. With video learning, you can watch over and over. If you feel that there are areas where you need to focus in, all you have to do is replay the video and learn at your own pace. Watching sales videos also allows you flexibility in that you don’t have to travel a long way to attend a seminar or a workshop- you can learn from the comfort of your house on your own time.


To be successful in sales, self-education is important. Using sales education videos gives you flexibility, increases comprehension, reinforces the message, and, at the same time, bridges the gap between theory and practice. You don’t have to spend hefty sums for sales education; it can be done from the comfort of your home using internet videos at your own pace.




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