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Using Your Brand to Improve Your Realtor Partnerships

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I’ve written about the importance of maximizing your brand before (here), but I wanted to do a deeper dive into how a loan officer’s brand can work to improve their relationships with Realtors. Your brand is a valuable tool, and there are quite a few ways you can use it to your advantage to benefit (and improve) your Realtor partnerships. Specifically, I want to explore cobranding in this article. Here are a few things to consider:

Email Campaigns

Though declining in popularity over the last couple years, email is still an incredibly effective marketing tool. Collaborating on an email campaign with an agent will help you both benefit from one another’s mailing lists. Many of your Realtor’s contacts will be introduced to you for the first time, and the same goes for your contacts being introduced to your Realtor partner for the first time. Ensure the email contains valuable information and not just a solicitation. Your brands should also share equal space in the message — include your logos, pictures, and clear contact information with links to your websites and social media. Not only is it a great medium for an introduction, but it also serves as a two-way endorsement of your respective services. As in any marketing piece, a strong call-to-action will help you achieve the best possible results.

Social-Media Campaigns

As you well already know, social media provides a powerful platform for marketing. And, just like with email campaigns, it offers the opportunity to expand both your network and your referral partner’s. You need to pay a little more attention the visuals here to ensure both brands are easily visible and recognizable. Social media requires a great deal of scrolling, so not everyone will catch your post the first time. Focus on eye-catching graphics and a crystal-clear message. You should also plan to publish the same post multiple times to make sure it’s seen by as many people as possible. You can make this easier by using an automated posting tool that will allow you to schedule in advance for the whole week. Which saves you both the time and effort to log in and re-post.

Print-Media Campaigns

So much of our marketing is done online now, but print media is still effective and shouldn’t be neglected entirely. This can be handy if you’re co-hosting an event or open-house and decide to print flyers. The same rules that apply to the mediums I’ve already covered apply here — equal space for both partners, headshots, contact information etc. Consider designing a couple templates, so the materials are easier to produce for subsequent events.


As I briefly mentioned, events are another great way for you and your referral partner to maximize your brands. With in-person events becoming more common again, give some thought to an educational class. Just keep in mind that not everyone will be comfortable close together, so ample spacing will ensure you don’t rub anyone the wrong way and lose out on potential business. Meeting prospects face-to-face is still the optimal introduction to anyone, and the best way to begin forming real relationships with prospects and other professionals.

If you’d like to talk more about using your brand to improve Realtor partnerships, or if there’s something else I can be of assistance with, please reach out. I’m always happy to block off some time to connect. Also, if you’re considering a move, we have some terrific opportunities for loan officers, sales managers, and branch managers that I’d love to discuss.

Don Riggs

VP – Retail Market Leader

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