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Top Podcasts to Support Loan Officer Success

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Podcasts — if you haven’t already taken full advantage of these free resources, now’s the time to start. They can be quite valuable when it comes to your professional development and self-improvement efforts, and their convenience factor makes them a powerful tool. I recommend them to loan originators who want to benefit from some support outside of their existing professional network. Here are some of the best podcasts LOs can tune into:

Loan Officer Strategy Sessions

This podcast began this past year and produced 17 great episodes. It’s hosted by Andrew Soss who invites guests to discuss effective strategies for LOs to start using today. In each episode, they share specific mortgage strategies and cover important topics like the future of the mortgage industry in our digital world. Episodes range in length from around a half hour to just under an hour long. Check out the episode from this past September: #15: “How to Market Using SEO Strategy Through Blogging with Michael Shane”. Guest Michael Shane delves into how he’s built his business using SEO and blogging rather than the more typical agent-LO relationships.

Mortgage Marketing Radio

A while back, we recommended this podcast for branch managers, but it’s also a great resource for loan officers. Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast is run by the Mortgage Marketing Institute and claims the title as one of the best mortgage, sales, and marketing podcasts available. It’s applicable to various mortgage professionals, and has a wealth of information for LOs. In each episode, you can gain tips and insights on mortgage marketing and sales topics as well as building a thought-leader platform. Overall, this popular podcast is a gem for LOs working to boost their mortgage business. Give this episode from last month a listen: #110: “Going Digital + Local to Reach Consumers First and Win More Agent Referrals”.

The 5 AM Miracle

This is one of the top productivity podcasts out there, so it should be on most professionals’ lists. Jeff Sanders hosts this popular podcast and explores the potential of your morning hours to increase productivity. Do you consider yourself a morning person? If not, the 5 AM Miracle might help you to “dominate your day before breakfast”. His strategies are intended to help professionals start each day with enthusiasm and create the kind of habits that form a foundation for hitting your goals. So, if you find yourself needing more hours in the day, consider tuning into some of these valuable episodes. Catch episode #275 from earlier this year, “Don’t Stop: The Power in Always Having a Next Thing”, for some actionable tips on staying accountable for consistent progress.

Loan Officer Freedom

This podcast is unique in that it’s all about helping loan officers become more productive and successful. If you find yourself getting bogged down and overworked, you’ll find Carl White’s podcast series quite helpful. Each episode is filled with tips and strategies to help you increase your business while being as efficient as possible. His aim is to help loan officers close as many loans as possible while having the freedom to work less and avoid getting burnt out. Check out one of his more recent episodes, #48: “How To Avoid Distractions”, where Carl and his guest Mr. Mike Cardascia discuss how to move beyond various distractions, get re-focused, and work on marketing activities that will boost your business growth.

Office Hours / Pinkcast

The famous Daniel Pink is the man behind both of these programs: Office Hours and his Pinkcasts. If you haven’t already heard of Dan Pink, he’s written several books including A Whole New Mind and, most recently, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. Office Hours is an interview-style podcast that’s all about helping professionals grow in their career, passion, and drive. While it’s not specific to mortgage professionals, it’s proven popular with all kinds of listeners, especially sales professionals. Each episode contains an interview with a special guest to discuss business and general life issues. He describes it as “‘Car Talk’ . . . for the human engine”. Check out his episode with Harvey Mackay, the sales and networking master and author of The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World. If you’re short on time, Dan Pink also offers his brief 90-second Pinkcasts on all kinds of productivity topics like “Pinkcast 1.16: 2 lists better than a to-do list”.

When it comes to productivity and professional development, one of the handiest resources to tap into is podcasts. When you’re searching for that new source of inspiration, tuning into an episode featuring a successful loan officer or other top professionals can be just the motivation you need to accelerate your progress. Do you have a favorite podcast that helps support your success as an LO? Share it with us.


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