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Top Habits of Successful Loan Officers

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Loan officers who want to boost their numbers and grow their business can look to other successful LOs for inspiration. While things like drive, discipline, and motivation do all contribute to loan-officer success, there is a much smaller, more tangible area to direct your focus — habits. Though seemingly small, certain actions practiced on a regular basis can lay a strong foundation for future growth and success. Read on for some of the most effective habits to adopt from successful loan officers:


Making a schedule

This first habit is the cornerstone of a successful day. Whether you plan weekly or daily, planning your days ahead of time allows you to stay on top of your schedule and make progress towards your goals. What defines a habit is consistency and regularity, so, find the most effective time for you to schedule your days, and stick to it. Many successful LOs carve out a block of time at the end of their workday to map out tomorrow. Time-blocking, breaking your day into smaller chunks, is a great way to create and visualize your plan.



Another habit to amplify success is to read daily. Whether for pleasure or for informative purposes, most successful professionals are avid readers. When you read for leisure, you give your mind a chance to slow down and relax. This allows you to recharge. Reading informative nonfiction material can help boost competency, skills, and expertise. Whether you prefer books, article, blogs, or other sources, committing to regular reading can support your work.


Asking questions

Being inquisitive may seem like an innate quality, but it’s actually a skill you can practice. By asking more questions, LOs can increase their knowledge and better understand and serve their clients. The repetitive nature of habits helps them become second nature to us. The more you start asking questions to colleagues, managers, clients, and business partners, the more you’ll reinforce the tendency. The information and insights you’ll gain from this habit can fuel progress.


Taking notes

To support the habit of asking questions, note-taking can be a great tool. Again, habits should be simple actions you don’t have to think much about. Find the most natural way for you to take notes, and commit to that. Whether jotting down key points in a notebook during a meeting or typing up notes after an interaction, note-taking can help you stay organized and retain key information and details. Keep your CRM database up to date with pertinent notes so you can refer back to them with clients and partners.


Measuring progress

Measurement and improvement go hand in hand. So, LOs who want to grow their business need to know how to measure their success. Get in the habit of tracking your numbers — from the number of leads you have to pre-approvals and closings. Most LOs stay on top of their closings, but there are many other important numbers to track to promote improvement and growth. By doing this on a regular basis, you’ll notice any declines or stagnancy early enough to take action.



Though loan officers tend to have hectic schedules, top-performing LOs understand that putting themselves first is essential. Identify and develop self-care habits that help you de-stress and recharge. Whether it’s a daily meditation, an evening run, or a weekly meet-up with a friend, strengthening these self-care habits helps to maintain the energy and stamina needed to grow your business and prevent potential burnout.


The key to effective habits is consistency. Once you’ve determined the habits that work best for you, it may take some willpower to maintain them at first. If you stick with them, these habits will become natural parts of your day that support your success with little additional thought required.


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