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Top Attributes of Sales Leaders #1: Target Fixation

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The data from Steve W. Martin’s interviews indicate that “The best sales leaders are target and deadline driven. In personality testing, top sales managers scored 19% higher in the self-discipline facet, 20% higher in the success-driven facet, and 27% higher in the priority-focused facet than underperforming sales managers.”

What does this mean from a practical perspective? Here are three things you can do immediately to improve you and your teams performance:

  1. Get a handle on time management. Understanding which tasks are urgent and important is critical to improvement. If you’re focused on the wrong things, then your team will be focused on the wrong things. Take a class on the subject — it’s worth your time. Once you have time management under control, take a look at your sales-ops team.
  2. Avoid fixating on the negative. When something goes wrong, it’s critical that you analyze it and make corrections. And move along. If you spend too much time focusing on the negatives, they become a distraction. Again, you need to address problems quickly, but once you do, get back to celebrating your victories.
  3. As the title indicates — fixate. Your sales team has only one job: generating revenue. You need to be fixated on quota and growth nearly to the exclusion of all else. And to the extent that you’re fixating on anything other than the revenue number, make sure it’s the right thing.

Doing those three simple things will take you and your team a huge step forwards. You’ll get better results, and everyone will be happier getting to those results.

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