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Tips for Loan Officers to Boost Productivity

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Productivity can feel like an elusive goal at times. We may find ourselves striving to be as efficient as possible, but still come away feeling like we haven’t accomplished enough. Maybe you begin your day with a hefty to-do list and only get a third of the way through before the end of the day, or perhaps you want to expand your business but aren’t sure how you can accommodate more clients. Whatever the case, exploring some strategies to improve productivity can be highly beneficial. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

Make the Most of Your Mornings

Mornings have a significant impact on the rest of our day, and most professionals don’t fully take advantage of those first few hours. When maximized, mornings set the tone for the day, get your mindset right, fuel your body, and get you energized for the day ahead. There’s no magic formula, but if you’re not intentionally using your mornings to support productivity, you’re likely missing out on a considerable opportunity. Whether you go for a morning run to help keep your energy-level up throughout the day or you spend fifteen minutes reviewing your calendar and to-do list over your coffee, using your morning to set you up for productivity is key.

Optimize Your To-Do List

Speaking of to-do lists, these can either hasten our success or act as a major roadblock when it comes to productivity. If you start each workday with a long list of to-dos that just keeps growing day-after-day, you’re probably not getting much benefit from that. Instead, loan officers need to be strategic with those tasks. This means prioritizing your to-dos, and it means keeping your list organized so you know where to focus—it also means setting reasonable expectations for what you’ll be able to tackle in a given day.

Make Time to Recharge

Stepping away from our work when we’re trying to be more productive can feel counterintuitive. You want to get more done in less time, so why would you step away? But, periods of rest and disconnecting are what allow us to recharge and come back to our work in a revitalized state. Whether you take a five-minute break mid-morning or a walk in the afternoon, carving out some time to recharge throughout the day can make you more effective and efficient.

Don’t Let Tech Control You

Technology is one of the major barriers to productivity. Maybe it’s the distraction of social-media and news sites, or maybe it’s the endless stream of incoming emails. Being constantly connected to our technology has its advantages, but it can also be a serious challenge to productivity. Pay closer attention to how you engage with your technology, and take note when you see it draining your productivity. Maybe you need an hour-long window to focus tech-free every day. Maybe you need to check your email in batches. Perhaps you save your social media work for one day and schedule your posts for the entire week. The solution will look different for everyone, but the key is to have control over your tech, not the other way around.

If you’d like to talk more about these ideas, or you need help developing a strategy to boost your productivity, I’d be happy to block off some time for a call.

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