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The Value in Authenticity

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There’s a great deal of noise out there for professionals when it comes to improving their business and reaching some semblance of success in the mortgage industry. There’s marketing techniques, new technology, and innumerable tips, tricks, and strategies on offer to get ahead. There’s wisdom in almost every idea I see, but there’s also no shortage of fad ideas that are time wasters and won’t deliver the results we’re looking for in this market (more on getting your numbers up in the current market, here). Experimenting with new ideas is an important part of innovation, but without a foundation of authenticity, that experimentation can amount to little more than a distraction. Before you embrace the latest trends or try out a new method to increase business, it’s essential to know who you are and remain committed to that throughout the process. Here’s why I think establishing authenticity is so important:

Differentiate Yourself

In any sales position, setting yourself apart is important. You want to differentiate yourself from the competition and help prospects to see you as their best choice. When authenticity is at the foundation of your marketing and business efforts, prospects will notice the difference. With a constant barrage of people and companies trying to sell them things, advertise to them, and grab their attention, an authentic professional can be a breath of fresh air cutting through all that noise. Prospects today can recognize gimmicks very easily. They know when a professional is pretending to be everything they need versus when a professional is confident and clear in what they can offer. Know yourself, and then communicate that to your prospects. Stand out from the sales chameleons and let your authenticity speak for itself and dictate your actions.

Earn Trust

Today’s prospects want connection and trust. They don’t want to work with an impersonal corporation or a professional with zero personality. They want to work with a real human they can relate to, and one who’s going to pay attention to their needs. Just as authentic marketing can help you stand out in a sea of options, authentic conversation can help you get the relationship started in the best possible way. When you sit down to meet with a prospect or new client, listen actively. Ask questions that show you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them; and while you want to let the other party do most of the talking, make room to offer some details about yourself beyond what they’ll find on your website or social-media profiles. When you show up to meetings as yourself, you bring that personal touch that puts others at ease and develops the foundation of trust needed for a successful relationship.

Build Your Brand

Do you know what people think of when they think of you? Your branding efforts will contribute to your reputation. Keep photos of yourself up to date on your website and social-media pages, produce and share content that actually interests you, and respond to every comment and message. This lets people know there’s a real person behind the online presence. Beyond the branding work you put in, the online and word-of-mouth reviews you receive also play a significant role in your overall brand. Impress every client, and give them an experience they want to tell others about.

It’s not difficult to lead with authenticity, and the results will speak for themselves.

Good luck and let me know how any of these tips may have helped you!


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