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The Top Priority of Successful Loan Officers

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Successful loan officers might close a certain number of loans each month or bring in strong earnings every year, but to me, these aren’t what make them successful. In fact, loan officers who hyperfocus on these things can often do so at the expense of other important aspects of their business. In those cases, they may able to sustain their numbers for a time, but they rarely find long-lasting success. The loan officers who build strong businesses that continue to grow over time usually have different priorities. Instead of being focused on what they’re getting, they’re focused on what they can give. To me, loan officers who put their clients’ satisfaction at the top of their priority list are the ones who find true success. Here’s why:

They Connect You to Your Why

The mortgage industry isn’t easy or predictable. There will likely be times when business isn’t what you’d expected, or you’re not able to hit your sales targets. It’s not necessarily that you’ll experience these things often, but loan officers need to be able to push through them. In addition to an ever-changing market, the work can be demanding. Some weeks may feel like your normal workload has doubled. Your to-do list is a mile long, and no matter how efficiently you work, there’s still more to do. In these times, when you’re only focused on yourself, motivation can be replaced by frustration or burnout. When you’re focused on your clients’ satisfaction, though, you’re often able to better maintain motivation and work through the challenges. That’s because pleasing our clients often connects us to a deeper why, a deeper meaning behind our work. Whether it’s helping first-time buyers navigate the mortgage process or seeing a family settle into the home you helped them secure, it’s these types of goals that serve as the best types of fuel.

They Strengthen Your Brand

Your brand tells people what you’re all about. It tells them what kind of loan officer you are and what they can expect from working with you. When clients work with you, they expect those brand promises to be fulfilled. When you direct your energy outwards on your client’s experience, it’s often much easier to deliver on those positive things you promised. Then, when those satisfied clients mention you to a friend or leave a review, they’ll be saying things that reinforce your brand. On the flipside, loan officers who promise great service but don’t deliver sabotage their brand. When your brand says one thing, but past clients say another, your reputation can take a hit.

They Support Your Business

Imagine you go out to dinner. When are you most likely to leave a review? If the experience was horrible, average, or stellar? As people, we’re often motivated by extremes when it comes to sharing our experience. An average experience isn’t likely to earn a raving review, but both terrible and top-notch experiences tend to get people talking. When you’re focused on making your clients happy and go above and beyond to do so, clients notice, and they want to share. When you deliver outstanding service, your satisfied clients can be one of the best sources of referral and even repeat business.

The most successful loan officers aren’t driven by hitting their sales numbers or growing their earnings, they’re driven by pleasing their clients. While those things tend to come as a result of pleasing their clients, they aren’t the primary motivators for top LOs. When you’re focused on what you can give, clients feel the difference. With a business that relies on clients, ensuring their happiness should top your priority list.