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The Power of Persistence

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For me, persistence is one of the most valuable skills for a loan officer. I use the word skill intentionally here because I want to emphasize that it’s something that can be strengthened. While we often talk about persistence as a personality trait or quality, I see it more as a muscle. The more we use it, the stronger it gets. And when we don’t use it, we can start to lose that strength. The mortgage industry can be challenging at times, and persistence is key for loan officers who want to achieve sustainable success. Here are just a few areas where I think it comes into play:


Loan officers have to be persistent if they want to keep their pipeline full. Many professionals hesitate here, associating persistence with being pushy – but they’re not the same thing. Persistence does often mean reaching out to someone more than once, but it doesn’t mean bombarding them with daily calls. It’s a strategic approach that doesn’t make prospects feel pressured but instead shows them the support and expertise you have to offer. If you give up after one unreturned call, you’re missing out on countless opportunities.


Marketing is ongoing work. Some professionals set up their websites and social-media pages, get a stack of business cards, ask a few past clients to share their reviews, and largely stop there. But that is only laying the foundation for the persistent work you’ll need to do on a regular basis to maximize your marketing potential. Marketing requires a consistent commitment to putting yourself out there, engaging with your audience, and attracting new business. And it requires persistence because we don’t always see the benefits immediately. Loan officers need to be persistent with their efforts, especially when times are challenging.


How often do you try new things in your business? Last week I talked about how to avoid getting stuck on a plateau with your work, and experimentation is a great way for professionals to keep moving forward. This isn’t always easy though, and it certainly requires persistence. You need to continue seeking out inspiration, trying new things, and learning from your successes and failures. You can’t let a few failed experiments prevent you from trying new things in your business.


When it comes down to it, persistence is also part of a mindset. It’s the way that you approach your business and your opportunities. A persistent mindset is all about resilience, determination, and drive. You have to be committed to reaching your goals, and remain undeterred by the obstacles you face along the way. When you bring this attitude to any area of your work, you’re likely to amplify your success.


How does persistence come into play in your work? Do you believe it’s a skill professionals can strengthen? If you’d like to talk more about why I believe this is so important for mortgage professionals, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be happy to set up a time to delve into this further and discuss some actionable strategies loan officers can use every day.


Don Riggs