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The Importance of Client Experience

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You did it! You closed the deal and got your check – you’re done with that deal and on to the next one, right? Not so fast..


What next?

You want to ask yourself two questions. First, do you feel confident that the client would return to you the next time he needs mortgage services? Secondly, do you feel confident that the client will recommend you to friends and family?

Customer experience isn’t just about closing that one first deal, it’s about maintaining a connection that promotes repeat business and referrals. The best way to do this is by offering outstanding customer experience.


Let’s examine what happens in some companies.

Some corporations today pay little or no attention to their client’s journey. By journey, I’m referring to the many critical moments when customers engage with companies on their way to making a purchase as well as after making the purchase.  

Concentrating all their focus on the sale, these companies do little to build a relationship with the client. The experience can feel impersonal, and while the client may leave with a mortgage they’re happy with, the experience itself is often lackluster.


Why is client experience so significant?

Customer experience is a chance to build a competitive advantage. Often it isn’t only a single association that causes clients’ appreciation or disappointment – it’s usually the result of all the different interactions throughout the sales process.

Outstanding customer experience can set you apart. It builds your reputation and brand, and it leads to repeat business and referrals. Both of these cost much less to acquire than new clients, and they can create a cycle of more repeat business and more referrals. The better the customer experience, the more likely and frequently this will occur.


So, what is the bottom line?

Simply put, customer experience builds customer relationships that will continue to be beneficial even after you’ve closed the first deal. By viewing every encounter with your clients as an opportunity to demonstrate the high quality of customer service you provide, you can create clients who will continue to send business your way.


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