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Start the Year Off Right: Tips to fuel success for you and your sales team

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The new year is a perfect time to reassess your habits and those of your sales team, and it’s a great opportunity to make alterations for the coming year. Of course, setting goals is a great practice year round, but if you’ve fallen behind, this a great time to catch up. Take this opportunity for a fresh start, and begin working towards the sales success you want for your team. Keep reading for some tips to help you and your team supercharge your sales this year:


1. Take time to reflect

Your first step to success is taking the time to examine the past year. What did you accomplish individually and as a team? Are there any aspects you aren’t happy with? Where did you meet your sales targets and which areas need work? By taking a close look at your progress and habits, you’ll get a better sense of where to focus your efforts. As much as it’s a learning opportunity for you and your team, it’s also a time to give credit where it’s due. Managers should use this reflective time to credit their employees who were successful and who showed significant improvement over the year. Only once you’ve looked back can you begin to move forward into shaping your goals for the next year.


2. Set goals

Take the time to sit down with your team and convene about the goals needed for the year ahead. Managers should come up with general points to touch upon and refer back to the numbers and business trends from the past year. Creating your goals as a team and displaying them clearly helps everyone stay accountable for their work. It’s also a great time to meet with each employee individually to discuss their own goals for the coming year. This works well if your employees have had time to brainstorm and reflect on their own first. By helping them to create individual goals, you can act as a support for their success.


3. Work on communication

One area that is beneficial for almost all professionals to focus on is communication. It’s crucial that you have the communication skills necessary to work well as a sales team, as well as with partners and clients. By prioritizing clear and open communication, you can alleviate possible confusion and conflicts. Managers can pave the way for clear pathways of communication. Try to commit to meeting regularly with your employees this year, not just when issues come up, but for encouragement and positive reinforcement as well. Lead by example and work at getting back to partners and clients ASAP— the rest of your sales team will see that and be more compelled to do the same.


4. Prioritize professional development

What can you do this year to grow professionally and help your team progress as well? Include professional development when thinking about your goals this year. Plan conferences and seminars that your sales team can attend that will promote sales growth. Webinars are also an easy alternative, so consider incorporating those into your professional-development plan as well. Investing in sales-training courses for your team can benefit your business greatly. Don’t forget that there are many free professional-development resources out there on the internet to utilize as well. By keeping up with new industry knowledge and insights, you can promote growth and stay ahead of the competition.


5. Team-building

Professional development is just one way to invest in your team’s success, but there’s more to a team’s strength than members’ individual skills. Their ability to connect and collaborate with one another is an equally powerful skill. If you haven’t already made it a priority to plan team-building events and social outings for your sales team, now is a great time to start. The relationship of your sales team is important to the strength of your business and its success, so keep team-building in mind when you’re planning for the year ahead.


Whether you’re someone who sets New Year’s resolutions of not, the start of a new year is a great time for reflection and goal setting. You can harness the heightened potential that this time of year holds and use it to propel you and your team forward for the coming year. Start strong, and commit to goal setting and improvement year-round.


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