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Should Loan Officers Ask Clients for Reviews?

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With so many borrowers doing their research online before selecting a loan officer, there’s no doubt that reviews are important. It’s not just the handful of testimonials we share on our own website that matter. These are great, but what borrowers really want to see is the unfiltered reviews of our past clients. These show up on sites like Facebook and Google and can make it easier not only for potential clients to get a better sense of who we are, but to help them find us online in the first place. So, knowing that reviews are important, the question that many loan officers run into is: should I ask my clients to leave reviews? Here are a few thoughts:

Also Ask for Feedback

If you’re going to ask for a review, it’s wise to couple that with a request for feedback. First, this shows the client that you genuinely care about their experience and want to ensure you did everything right. Second, it gives them an opportunity to speak with you directly about any issues they may have had before jumping into a review. Sending an email with a brief survey and a gentle request for a review can be just the reminder clients need.

Make it Easy

If loan officers are going to ask clients to do them the favor of leaving a review, they should aim to make that as simple as possible. If you’re sending a survey, include a link directly to a site where you’d like them to share their review. This way, with just a single click, clients can be typing up their thoughts. Keeping it convenient helps to maintain their positive impression of the process.

Ensure There is No Pressure

Of course, you never want to make your clients feel pressured or put on the spot to write a review. This is why email is often a great vehicle for this type of ask. When sandwiched in between a request for feedback and a thank you for their business, a simple link to leave a review feels relatively unintrusive. Asking directly in person may make a client feel a bit uncomfortable, but of course, it’s up to each loan officer to determine what feels right for them.


If you’re going to ask for reviews, you need to be certain that you’re delivering, over-delivering even. You don’t want a client sharing a sub-par review with the world. You want them to be saying that you went above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience. If you’re striving to build your online reviews, this is a great motivation to ensure your client experience is top notch. Without this, reviews aren’t likely to help your business.

Every loan officer is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all rule here. Some LOs might prefer to leave it completely up to the client with no mention of a review, while others might include a link in each post-closing email message. If you’d like to think through what’s right for your business, I’d be happy to set up a time to talk.

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