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Remote Work 101

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If, like many of us, you’ve set up your workspace in your home, there’s no doubt there will be some adjustments to make. Professionals who want to stay engaged and productive while working remotely need to give themselves some structure and support. Whether you’re sharing your new workspace with your entire family or getting sucked into online distractions, there are certainly some challenges that can go along with remote work. But with a bit of effort, we can overcome them. If you want to set yourself up for successful remote work, here are some important things you may want to create:

A Schedule

As I mentioned above, structure is key when it comes to working remotely. It helps us maintain focus and productivity. This is why creating a schedule is so important. It doesn’t need to only be about work though. Sometimes, we need to create a schedule for our day that includes both work calls and playing with our kids. Including all of your plans for the day can help you get a better sense of what to expect and keep you on track. Especially if you’re living with other people, this schedule can help you manage the work and personal needs you’ll have to balance throughout the day.


Boundaries are another important thing that professionals can create when working from home. The type of boundaries you set will depend on your specific challenges and situation. Boundaries might include setting specific work hours, identifying a specific workspace in your home, limiting your time on social media, or creating some screen-free time. Think about what you need to be successful, what is standing in your way, and then create the boundaries that will help you succeed.


When working from home, maintaining expectations of ourselves is important. While our work may look different at the moment, that doesn’t mean we should operate without a plan. What do you need to accomplish today? Whether this looks similar to your goals for a standard workday or it’s a fraction of the size, it doesn’t matter. Simply holding yourself to these expectations for your day can keep you focused on what you need to do.


Finally, motivation can start to dwindle when working from home. Professionals want to anticipate this challenge and try to have some strategies in place before it becomes a problem. Daily expectations and goals are one way to support motivation, but they’re not the only ways. It might be a check-in call with a friend or coworker, or maybe it’s a morning run. Identifying the things that help keep you energized and incorporating them into your daily routine is important.


How are you adjusting to working from home? Have you put any specific strategies in place? What other things can you create to make working remotely a success? I’d love to hear your thoughts about challenges, solutions, and strategies. We can all learn from each other.


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