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Most Common Mistakes That Can Weaken Your Client Experience Strategy

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When you’re striving to grow your business, it’s understandable to focus your energy outwards on bringing in new business. This is certainly one important avenue, but it’s not the only thing that needs your focus. Ensuring that your current clients are satisfied is just, if not more, important. That’s where your client experience strategy comes in. This strategy helps loan officers provide a high-quality experience to every client, but sometimes, simple mistakes can make it much less effective. Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes when it comes to client experience strategy.

Not Having One

Sure, all loan officers want satisfied clients, but not all of them have taken the time to specifically develop this strategy. While it might feel like a commitment to your clients’ happiness is enough, not getting specific with a clear strategy is a missed opportunity. Your client experience strategy will help you set the standards for the experience you want to provide and help you to uphold them for every client you work with.


As a loan officer, there is an endless amount of things to keep track of. With so much paperwork and a constant stream of incoming messages, organization is one of the top tools for staying in control. When you’re disorganized, it becomes so much more difficult to meet the standards you have outlined in your client experience strategy. You might miss messages, lose an important piece of paperwork, or be delayed in getting your clients what they need. Clients can often sense disorganization, and it makes them feel less at ease. They want to be able to put their trust in you, and staying organized is a strong foundation for you to work from.

Poor Scheduling

Whether you’re working with a jam-packed schedule or simply trying to maximize your time, constantly scheduling back-to-back calls can challenge your client experience strategy. It puts you at risk of running late or seeming stressed or distracted during your second call. Another scheduling issue that can interfere with your client experience strategy is lacking a work-life balance. When you leave yourself no personal time to rest and recharge, you can’t show up at your best for your clients.

Lack of Communication

Finally, communication is at the center of all good client experience strategies. When loan officers prioritize this, clients usually feel more supported and satisfied. Even if there’s a bump in the road and the process is delayed, when loan officers are upfront with their clients and communicate these things right away, these challenges won’t necessarily lead to a negative experience for your clients.

Have you noticed any mistakes that get in the way of your own client experience strategy? How do you navigate them? For me, thinking about these mistakes in advance helps me avoid making them myself. If you’d like to discuss building a strong client experience strategy in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can set up a time to talk.

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