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Maximizing Social Media as a Mortgage Professional

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Mortgage professionals in today’s digital age know the importance of online communication and presence. You might think that maintaining your website and online identity is enough, but are you making the most of your social-media engagement? For the most part, using social media is free for professionals. And the rewards of utilizing these tools can be valuable to your business and sales. Here are three of the best social-media platforms I recommend for LOs to make the most of their online engagement and some tips to use them effectively:


Your modern-day business card

Most LOs know the importance of using LinkedIn and engaging regularly, but if you haven’t taken full advantage of this avenue, you could be missing out on some valuable business. In a lot of ways, LinkedIn functions as an online resume for professionals, so you want to make sure your impression is top notch. Make sure your profile reflects you, especially the elements at the top of the page including your photo, background image, and headline. Include a professional photo that gives off a friendly impression, and consider including key industry terms in your headline. Put in the time writing your summary and acquiring endorsements as well.

Mortgage industry-related groups

The other major aspect of LinkedIn that can benefit LOs is industry-related groups. The more you participate in these groups and join in on the conversation, the better you’ll be able to network and form valuable connections and partnerships with other professionals. You might find yourself learning valuable tips and information you otherwise would’ve missed out on.


Keep up-to-date

I recommend using this avenue as a listening and learning tool to stay up to date. If you already use it, you’re likely following a number of people. Consider turning notifications on for certain important people, like prospects, current and past clients, and specific companies and brands. This way, you can stay abreast of important information like industry changes and client milestones. When you’re the first to know, you can then use the information to your advantage.


Leverage DWM (Digital Word of Mouth)

Facebook is one of the most important social-media platforms for mortgage professionals. Digital word of mouth is a powerful benefit. It’s how you expand your reach. The more you engage with followers on Facebook, the more potential viewers and business you’ll gain. Make sure you’re interacting by liking, commenting, and sharing other people’s posts, as well as posting your own engaging content. The more you interact, the more potential you’ll have for digital word of mouth exposure and referrals.

Engaging posts

Engaging content is key when it comes to posting on Facebook. Even your day-to-day activities can generate new content. If you’re meeting with a referral partner, consider taking a photo that you can post to your Facebook business page. Don’t forget to photograph and post about your closings and encourage your happy clients to post something themselves and tag you in it. These kinds of things paint a picture of your professional life and help engage your followers.

Promoted posts

Facebook is great for posting content to engage viewers, but if you want to take it to the next level, you can opt to promote your posts and turn them into “ads”. This allows you to pay to target a certain audience determined by location, age range, and other factors, for a given amount of time. Your post will then appear on the news feeds of your target audience, giving you the chance to expand your network.

Mortgage professionals can’t afford to skimp on social media. In many ways, it’s a tool that’s shaping the way the industry works. Today, it’s not enough to just have profiles on these platforms. Professionals need to know how to engage on different sites and make the most of these resources. How do you maximize your social-media engagement to benefit your mortgage business? Share with us.


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