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Loan Officers: What Messages Are You Sending to Your Clients?

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There’s room for miscommunication and misunderstanding in any relationship, and when it comes to clients, you need to be sure you’re sending the right messages — and that your clients can hear them clearly. Your words are important, sure, but the messages you’re sending go well beyond that that. Things like your focus, tone, availability, body language, and ability to actively listen send messages to your clients that are understood just as clearly as your words. Here are the messages you should be sending to your clients, and some ideas for doing it successfully:


There’s no doubt that you’ve worked hard to establish yourself as an expert that your clients can trust. But how do you communicate that? Confidence isn’t about being pushy or egotistical, it’s about carrying a noticeable sense of self-worth. It’s about trusting in your own abilities and knowing what your strengths (and weaknesses) are. I wrote a while back about why confidence is so important for LOs, and you can find that article here.


You and your clients are on the same team. Getting a mortgage is a major financial decision, and that can create stress for borrowers. As their representative through this process, you want your clients to know you’re looking out for what’s best for them, that you’re committed to delivering the best service possible, and that you’re committed to working together to arrive at the best possible outcome. Your clients can’t be made to feel like it’s just a profitable business transaction for you, and nothing more. If they leave the closing feeling that way, you’re probably not going to hear from them again and they’re not going to refer you any business.


What do you do to make your clients feel valued? A sincere ‘thank you’ at the closing table is a good start, but you need to convey that gratitude throughout the entire loan process. When loan officers rush through things, are difficult to get in touch with, and seem stressed out by their clients’ needs, clients can start to feel like they’re a burden. You need to assure your clients that they’re a priority by letting gratitude inform all of your actions.

Don’t Send the Wrong Messages

Your clients should never feel like you’re just in it for the money, that you’re tired of explaining the same things, that you don’t enjoy your work, that you don’t understand your clients’ perspectives— the list goes on. When we don’t stop occasionally to think about the more subtle messages we’re sending, we risk falling into some of these traps. It’s rarely intentional, but loan officers can sometimes convey a message that makes their clients feel unhappy, unsure, or undervalued.

Your verbal communication is only one of the many ways you send messages to your clients. There are many ways we communicate that go beyond the words we say. It’s important to tune-in to the subtler ways we communicate to make sure you’re always sending the message you want to send.

Good luck and let me know how any of these tips may have helped you!


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