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Leaders: Are You Inspiring Your Team?

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For branch managers, your team’s engagement and inspiration start at the top. It trickles down from you to the rest of your team. Making sure my employees are inspired and engaged is one of my top priorities. An inspired team is one that’s invested and motivated. They’re more likely to feel passionate about their work and the success of the entire branch. And that means a commitment to high-quality work. These are a few strategies I use to keep my team inspired:

Know your “why”

Leading by example is powerful. I know that when I’m enthusiastic and driven, my team members are much more likely to exhibit these qualities as well. On the other hand, on a day that I might feel a bit burnt out, I can see that energy start to affect my team as well. For this reason, it’s essential to be passionate about your work. Managers need to know their “why” — the driving force behind why they do what they do. It’s probably not about doing paperwork and closing loans, but more about the core reasons that motivate them. Is it to help people? To connect with and educate people on how to make their best borrowing decisions? When you understand your own why, you can stay connected to a sense of passion that’s contagious in your team.

Build connections

Leaders who want to inspire need to know how to connect with people. Getting to know each employee and understanding them better makes a solid foundation for motivating. As I get to know each individual employee more, I can offer encouragement and support more effectively. I also find that employees feel more comfortable and empowered when they have a strong relationship with their manager. Prioritizing these connections is a key to your team’s success.

Encourage collaboration

Trusting my team to collaborate and offer input is a game changer. Rather than just directing, I focus on creating a forum for them to share ideas. This environment is conducive to building an inspiring work culture where each member feels valued and connected to the overall vision.

Retain the human aspect of your business

As a manager, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers. As soon as you overlook that you’re leading a team of individuals, you’re not leading to your full potential. When you’re focused solely on sales goals and are unfamiliar with team members’ strengths and weaknesses, it’s very difficult to inspire improvement. Making time for team-building events is a great way to keep your team more connected and engaged overall. Employees who are happy where they work tend to be more inspired and willing to invest in their company.


I want my team to feel passionate about their work and inspired and motivated to perform at their best. These kinds of employees who feel connected, valued, and respected are the ones who help you build a thriving branch.