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How Your Attitude Impacts Your Mortgage Business

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While there are no doubt many hard skills necessary to excel as a loan officer, that’s not all it takes to be successful. This week, I want to look at how attitude can impact your business. From marketing and prospecting all the way through to closing, your attitude is a part of the process. Whether we consciously adopt an attitude that supports success or not, we’ll still be influenced by whatever our attitude is. So, what are some key elements of an attitude for success?


Confidence is a delicate balance. Too much, and you can come off as egotistical; too little, and you can come off as unsure. True confidence comes from knowing your skills, being committed to your vision and values, and regularly striving for improvement. Loan officers want a level of confidence that inspires confidence in their prospects and clients. You want to convey that you’re a skilled professional capable of getting the job done.


While no one is positive all the time, intentionally striving for a positive attitude can give sales professionals a real edge. The mortgage business is about relationships, and a positive attitude makes developing and building connections that much easier. It also makes for a better client experience. Getting a mortgage can be stressful, and working with someone with a positive demeanor can help put those clients at ease.


How do some professionals make their clients feel like a top priority even when juggling a full client load? Attentiveness is a key component here. This can show up in multiple different ways. Maybe it’s silencing your phone and putting it away during meetings. Maybe it’s maintaining eye contact and creating space in the conversation for your clients to share. Perhaps it’s remembering the smaller details they tell you to better personalize the process. It’s not just clients. Being attentive with anyone you interact with tends to make for a better impression and a more positive interaction overall.


Curiosity allows professionals to show a sense of humility without lacking confidence. It allows them to demonstrate a real passion for their industry. It allows them to convey a commitment to improvement. Professionals who ask questions and seek out new information are the ones who tend to rise to the top. Whether it’s learning about current trends in your industry or learning about why a particular client is concerned about the lending process, approaching all situations with an attitude of curiosity can help loan officers handle them with ease.

Which elements of your attitude help you find success? Are there any that could be holding you back? When it comes to professionals you admire, what qualities shine through in their attitudes? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Don Riggs

VP – Retail Market Leader

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