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How Top Loan Officers Stay Motivated

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Whether business is slow or you’ve been in the same office for a decade or more, there are many reasons why loan officers might feel a lull in motivation. While some fluctuation in motivation level is a normal part of work life for many professions, it’s important that this doesn’t go too far. If motivation is on a steady decline, you may be heading towards a rut that can be difficult to get out of. Or perhaps you’ve already found yourself there. Without clear strategies in place, it can be challenging for loan officers to successfully maintain consistently high motivation. The good news is that with a few shifts in mindset, you can be on your way to improved motivation right now. Here’s what some of the top loan officers do to maintain motivation:

They Look Ahead

Maybe things are particularly challenging right now, or maybe things are running so smoothly you’re getting a bit complacent. Highly motivated loan officers know they need to keep an eye further down the road. They look ahead and think about where they want to be a month from now, a year from now, or maybe even five years from now. They set goals, and they use that future vision to drive their motivation day in and day out.

They Prepare for Rejection

This might seem counter intuitive. Wouldn’t preparing for rejection make you feel less enthusiastic about your work? The key with this strategy is not dwelling on the possibility of rejection, but accepting it as a natural part of the job. Sometimes you might go months without a real rejection, while other times it feels like you get a few right in a row. To stay motivated, taking those rejections in stride is key. Of course, if a real trend develops, it’s worth looking into. But setting yourself up to bounce back from a standard rejection is key to keeping motivation high.

They Pay Attention to Their Surroundings

Motivated professionals are intentional with their surroundings, especially when it comes to who they surround themselves with. Setting yourself up with a network of other driven professionals is a great strategy to maintain motivation. These connections can keep you inspired, challenged, and focused on the positives and possibilities. Negative people tend to be significantly less motivated, and that attitude can be contagious. Take stock of who you spend the most time with, and ask yourself how they impact your feeling of motivation.

They’re Proactive About Burnout

If you’re an ambitious professional, chances are there’s some risk of burnout when it comes to your work. Whether you’re accustomed to putting in excessive hours, or you find that your work often bleeds into your personal life, these habits can quickly backfire, especially in terms of your motivation. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically are both essential for maximum motivation and drive. Staying active and eating well help fuel you; and taking time to disconnect and recharge ensures that you don’t wear yourself out.

How do you stay motivated? Does it feel like your motivation fluctuates a lot, or is it fairly steady? What have you noticed has the biggest impact on your motivation? I’d love to hear what you think.

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