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How to Improve Your Follow-up Strategy

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‘I’m just calling to follow up’. This phrase rolls off the tongue and gives us an easy out when leaving a follow-up message with a client. It’s quick, easy, and efficient. It’s also boring, over-used, and generic if followed by nothing else. It says you are doing the rounds, following leads, and looking for business. Instead of telling your clients that you need them, show them why they need you. If you’re seeking to improve the response to your follow-up messages, try out some of these tips:


Emphasize the benefits for your client

When reaching out to a client, make it about them. When you say that you’re following up, it’s about you. When you tell your client about better rates and potential savings, you make it about them. Clients are much more likely to return your message when you give them something that peaks their interest. Show them that you’re passionate and committed to finding them the best value by reminding them what you have to offer.


Show that you’ve been putting in work

You’ve already had a good conversation with a client and you know what they’re looking for. Before following up, do a little more research to present them with some new information. If you aren’t finding anything better, even that can be motivating for clients to hear — it can help them see the value in what you’ve already discussed. The information you’re giving them is important, but what’s more important is what this type of message implies. It shows that you were putting in work for this client after your meeting with them, that they are a priority, and that you have the time to dedicate to giving them the best service. When they see someone who wants to put in the work for them, they are much more likely to get back to you.


Share relevant content

Whether a client is ready to make a decision right now or not, you can still keep the connection open. This strategy can be great especially if you feel your client needs some time and is sensitive to feeling pressured. Is there an interesting news article or blog post that you can find that relates to your clients’ needs? Send an email and/or leave a message to share this content with your client. It will show that you were thinking of them, are aware of their situation, and are ready to get working whenever they are. It gives you a way to gently remind them to give you a call to continue talking without putting all of the focus on making a deal.


They best way to get a client to respond is to leave a personalized message that shows your commitment to their needs. Many of us get more calls and emails in a day than we can handle, so you need to stand out from the rest if you want to hear back. These few simple tips can make a big improvement in the amount of responses you get to your follow-up messages.