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How to Apply the New Field of “Sales Linguistics” on the Job as a Salesman

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Effective language is a necessity for effective business. It is important to be able to accurately express ideas and thoughts that truly emphasize real purpose. Effective business involves a constant dialogue between salesman and client.

There are “sales linguistics” available in order to create a better understanding when looking at how salesman and client communicate. This involves studying how the mind uses language and how the brain understands language. With sales linguistics, there is a better understanding of how salesman and customer can interpret language during the various decision-making processes.


Customers are unique and their languages are as well. There is no one way to meet the needs of customers, and because of this, communication techniques need to be tailored to fit. All angles of an individual’s language are determined by the life in which they have lived. Hometown, friends, and career path all dictate an individual’s language. Various words may holds different meaning or create different mental images depending upon what comes to mind for each person. Try to tap into the customer’s life, and learn more about the ways in which they think.

While many individuals may utilize the same language, not all individuals interpret the language in the same way. The best way to learn the way individuals interpret language is to take the time to listen.


It is nearly impossible to expand knowledge on the prospective customer if you’re doing all of the talking. While it is important to discuss what the company is all about and the benefits of becoming a valued customer, it is more important to learn about what is important to the customer as an individual, what they believe, what they want, and what problems they face.

Connection to the potential client is important and should be gained through effective, harmonious communication techniques. Communication is two-sided, and involves more than just verbal information – it is nonverbal communication as well. Listen and observe the other individual.


It is important to be personal and instill the company’s beliefs on the potential customer in a way that allows them to internalize the message and make it personally interesting. Persuasion is ineffective when the potential customer feels as though they are being conned or their beliefs are being shoved. Instead, customers need to feel as though the potential customer completely understands and agrees for reasons none other then themselves.

Try to learn ways to react to potential customers. Learn what is beneficial for varying behaviors and language related behaviors. Discover how to tap into the mind of the nonbeliever and turn them into dedicated customers with complete confidence in your sales abilities. Skeptics can easily be turned into customers with strong belief and support. Simply utilize personal connections and seek to understand prior to making attempts to sway the individual.