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How Successful Loan Officers Make Every Client Feel Like Their Top Priority

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In any sales or service profession, understanding how to make your clients feel like your top priority is a key strategy to support success. Think of your own experience working with a service provider of some sort. When that person makes you feel like just another transaction, it’s rarely a standout experience. On the other hand, when that person makes you feel completely supported and served, you tend to be more motivated to share your experience with others and leave a great review. Let’s look at how loan officers can create this experience for their clients:

Active Listening

Your clients are trusting you to help them navigate a major financial decision. They want to trust that you fully understand their situation and their needs. Active listening means giving them your full attention, putting away any distractions, and really focusing in on what they have to say. You might not need every piece of information they’re sharing, but it’s important that they feel that they have 100% of your attention.

Flexible Scheduling

Especially now, everyone’s schedules look a bit different. The more flexible and supportive of this you can be, the better. Let your clients know that you’re willing to work around their schedules and that you’re available when they need you. Chances are this will usually fall into your average workday anyway, and those few before- or after-hours calls are worth it to make your clients feel like you’re completely invested in their satisfaction.

Prompt Responses

If you receive an email or voicemail, a prompt response is a great way to show that you’re focused on your client’s needs. Even if you can’t fully go into each question they asked in your initial response, simply letting them know you received their message and giving them whatever information you can reassures them that they haven’t fallen off your radar, and they’ll trust you’ll get back to them with a longer response as soon as you can.

Personalized Process

It only takes a few seconds to personalize a template or reference details from an earlier conversation. The more personal you can make the process, the more confident your clients will feel in your commitment to them. Whenever you have the chance to tailor the process to your client, take advantage of that opportunity. A handwritten card after a closing, for example, says a lot more than a generic, typed postcard.

What are your strategies for making every client feel like your number one priority? What are the challenges you face with this? How have you navigated those? This is an important aspect of my business philosophy. If you’d like to discuss it more in detail, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can set up a time to talk.

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