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How Resilient Are You?

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Though it doesn’t always get much attention, resilience is a foundational skill that helps ambitious loan officers build successful businesses. I refer to it as a skill, intentionally, because it’s something that can be developed and strengthened. Whether you identify as someone who can bounce back from anything, or as someone who’s thrown off track by minor disappointments, you have the power to build the resilience you need. Resilience is developed and strengthened through practice—by repeatedly falling down and getting back up, we learn to trust in our ability to rebound. In the case of loan officers, there are countless opportunities to sharpen resilience on a daily basis. Here are a few to consider:

Hearing a No

How do you react when a promising lead turns cold? What about when you have a positive call with a prospect, and they choose to work with someone else? As individuals, we all respond differently to these situations. For some of us, it’s a blow to our confidence, others may lose the motivation to keep pushing forward, while others may continue on with little to no disruption. When it comes to rejection, there are valuable lessons from which we can learn. For instance, when we hear a ‘no’, our first thought should be about what we can glean from that rejection. We can take that insight and be motivated to do better in the future. We need to keep in mind that some things are out of our control. If there’s no discernible reason why your prospect went cold, it’s not worth getting consumed by it. We should look for the lesson—but we need to be able to move on if we can’t readily find it.

We Have No Control Over the Market

Not unlike realizing that others’ decisions are out of our control, we also need to accept the natural fluctuations of the market. This is not to say you should write off lackluster business as a result of the market’s ebb and flow, but it’s to remind you to push through those trying times. If you’re giving everything you’ve got to your business and still not seeing the results you’re aiming for—don’t give up. Loan officers need resilience to withstand varied market conditions and we need to continue to strive for more after experiencing setbacks. It’s important to understand that a setback is not a failure. If you know you’re giving your business your all, resilience will help you pick back up after a setback and continue pushing forward.

Not Every Idea Works

Successful loan officers know that experimentation and innovation help them stand above the competition. But nothing comes with a guarantee. Sometimes our ideas—even the ones we’re most proud of— fall flat. Loan officers who are resilient don’t let that curb their motivation. They accept the risks of trying new things, and they trust that they can bounce back from a disappointing outcome. When we’re not resilient, we can shy away from experimentation and innovation, and miss out on valuable opportunities in the process.


Push Your Limits

When we’re regularly setting ambitious goals, there’s a possibility that we won’t accomplish some on our first attempt. That’s no reason to lower the bar. Resilient loan officers choose challenging goals because they know it’s a path toward growth. If you’re consistently hitting every goal you set for yourself, you’re likely not pushing your limits. Having trust in your resilience allows you to be ambitious and to maintain that ambition in the event of any setbacks.


Resilience may not be as commonly discussed as other skills, but it’s highly important for loan officers who want to grow their business. Sure, it gives us the ability to get back up after a disappointment, but it also gives us the confidence to challenge ourselves and attain greater heights than we thought possible.


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Don Riggs

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