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How Loan Officers Can Stand Out

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With so many loan officers in the market, it’s important to stand out to prospects. Differentiating myself is a priority in my marketing efforts and in the service I deliver. While I may have similar qualifications as other LOs in my area, I need to know what sets me apart. I want to answer prospects’ question of, “why should I choose this LO over all of my other choices?”. Here are some ways I work to answer that:

Authentic branding

Your brand often makes your first impression on prospects so, it’s worth putting in the time to make sure it conveys exactly what you want. It’s not just about creating an eye-catching brand. It’s equally important that it represents you authentically. Especially when it comes to millennial prospects, they’re looking for real people over cold corporations. I want my brand to be a true representation of me and my business. I start by looking at values and ethics, and I try to make sure those come across clearly. For example, to show your commitment and connection to clients, you could post a photo of yourself with clients at their closing. Your brand should communicate what matters to you, what type of service you deliver, and the things you prioritize as an LO.

Custom experience

The experience I deliver is key to my clients’ satisfaction. Since every client is different, my approach often needs to change from client to client. I prioritize getting to know each client so that I deliver the best service possible. Clients don’t want to feel like a cog in a machine. Personalizing their experience can help you stand out as an LO who is truly focused on their client’s needs. I like to keep the sales motto of “always be helping” in mind, as my work is centered around offering value to my clients.

Finding a Niche

Establishing a niche market for your mortgage business might not be right for every LO, but for those looking for a new way to stand out, it can be a great strategy. Rather than using general marketing efforts to reach a wide variety of prospects, you can center in on the unique interests, needs, and desires of a specific group, making your marketing more powerful. Niches can include anything from single-parent families to millennial buyers. Whichever niche you’re targeting, you can highlight your specific expertise and understanding. This helps prospects feel confident in choosing you as their LO.

Getting connected

Networking, making connections, and building relationships are important strategies for all LOs. Let’s say a prospect has found you online. You’ve made the effort to stand out in your online branding and marketing, and you’ve made their list of top choices. Now, what will help them narrow it down? If they happen to have a mutual connection with you, it can provide an added level of trust that makes the decision clear. I find that taking every opportunity to connect with new people and grow my network is a positive strategy for my business. This can be done both online and in person — whether you spend a bit more time on LinkedIn, or you head to a community event.


I want to be the clear choice for prospects. From creating an engaging brand to delivering a personalized customer experience, there are many ways to stand out. When you prioritize differentiating yourself, you’ll be supporting a steady stream of new clients that will help your business thrive.