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How Loan Officers Can Find a Balance with Social-Media Marketing

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If you’ve been trying to grow your presence on social media, it can start to feel like an endless amount of work. Unlike other marketing efforts where you might check them off a list once they’re complete, social-media marketing is ongoing. That’s the foundation of creating an online presence on those platforms – you actually have to be present on them. Of course, loan officers have countless other things on their to-do list as well, many of which come before their social-media work. Today I want to talk about some ways loan officers can strive to find a balance where they’re able to put in the consistent work without feeling burnt out. Let’s dive in:

Frequency of Posting

If you’re not someone who posts regularly on social media (yet), then it’s wise to start slow here. If you throw yourself into trying to post something every day, it’s understandable that that will feel overwhelming. Maybe you post sporadically, but don’t have much consistency in your efforts. Or many you’re simply trying to be more active than you already are. Two things come to mind when it comes to finding balance in this area. First, set a clear and reasonable goal for yourself. This is about taking steps until you find the sweet spot for you and your business. Start with a small step, like committing to one post a week, to get yourself on a consistent routine, and then you can build from there. Second, create a schedule. When we don’t map out a plan for our social media work, it can continue to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. By carving out just a bit of time each day, or a few focused windows throughout the week, you can create your content and post in on schedule much more efficiently.

Time Invested

It can be difficult to know how much time to invest here because it’s not always easy to see immediate results. Similar to finding the right frequency, start with small goals and build slowly from there until you find what works for you. When you schedule time to work on social-media tasks, as I mentioned above, give yourself a clear amount of time and stick to it. Your marketing work shouldn’t feel in competition with other parts of your business; it should blend into your schedule without causing it to feel overly packed. It’s a simple tip, but it can also be worth setting a timer when you actually log into a social media account to share content or engage with your audience. These sites are designed to keep us scrolling, and it’s so easy to fall prey to the distraction. A timer can help keep you on track and prevent you from wasting valuable time.

Type of Content

Your content doesn’t need to always look the same. In fact, it can be highly beneficial to mix it up. Consider sharing blog articles, infographics, quick posts, and client success stories (with permission, of course). You can share your own original content or credit others and share their content as well. By mixing it up, you keep your audience interested and help spread out the amount of time you need to put in.

Active Engagement

Lastly, social media isn’t just for sharing our content, we also need to engage. If someone asks a question or leaves a comment, reply as soon as possible. Consider reaching out to your audience with a question to better understand the content they’d like to see. Actively engaging in these ways shows your audience that there’s a real person behind the online presence.

Finding a balance when it comes to social-media is key, but it can be a challenge for many busy loan officers. If you’re working to build your online presence and this is an area that interests you, reach out! I’d love to connect and delve deeper into these and other strategies to maximize your social-media efforts.

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