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How Important Are Reviews for Loan Officers?

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If you don’t request reviews from your clients, you might be missing out on some rewarding benefits. If, like most of us, you’re focused on giving your clients high-quality service through closing and after, having that service recognized with a short review is painless for the client, and can serve to build trust with new clients and ultimately increase your pipeline. Here are a few things to consider:

Boost Your Online Presence

The more you amass reviews online, the greater the likelihood that you’ll appear higher in a search for a local loan officer. From Yelp to your Facebook page, there are dozens of different places clients can leave reviews. This also helps potential clients get a better sense of who you are and who you’ve already helped. Not having any online reviews won’t necessarily say anything negative about you, but positive reviews can reassure potential clients and help them take that next step and reach out. 

Strengthen Your Brand

Reviews play a strong role in establishing your brand. You’re in control of your online image, and savvy prospective clients know this. They may not be skeptical, but reviews reinforce what you’re claiming in your brand. This goes a long way to help future borrowers trust the message you’re conveying online and have confidence in the image you’re portraying. 

Increase Trust

The entire client relationship is built on trust. Reviews can help future borrowers trust you because they’re getting firsthand proof of a positive experience. Word-of-mouth referrals are the best referrals. When someone you know personally recommends someone, you automatically have greater confidence in working with that person. Online reviews are the next best thing. While a potential client might not directly know someone you’ve worked with, having an online community of clients sharing feedback can help create a similar level of trust.

Get Valuable Feedback on Your Service

Bringing in new clients is crucial, but reviews are invaluable in helping you improve your service. What are people saying in their reviews? Do you see any patterns? What are the areas where you’re excelling? Are there any recurring complaints? Getting feedback from past clients can help you continually improve the service you provide, going forward.

While some loan officers have no problem asking clients for a review or sharing a survey, others would rather not impose. Do you have a strategy in place for this? I’m always happy to schedule a time to connect if you’d like help putting together a strategy.

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