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How Habits Can Help Grow Your Mortgage Business

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I think habits and routines are fascinating topics. These often seemingly mundane, daily actions we take don’t usually get much though, but their cumulative impact over time can be substantial. Maybe you have some great habits in place that help you and your business to thrive. Maybe there are some habits that are getting in your way. Or perhaps you don’t have very many habits or routines in your daily life. Whatever the case, our habits (or lack thereof) are often linked to our success. Here are just a few reasons they’re so valuable:

Make Daily Progress on Your Goals

We’ve all set an ambitious long-term goal only to find ourselves frustrated and disappointed that we haven’t achieved it yet. Usually, this isn’t due to a lack of motivation or drive, but instead, it’s a result of not isolating those small actions that we’ll need to take every day to make progress. When you connect your goals to a habit, you dramatically increase your chances of making progress because the work you need to do becomes almost second nature. You get used to carving out the time for it in your schedule, and you notice if you happen to miss a day.

Keep Yourself Energized

Habits can also help us power through busy workdays. Maybe it’s a morning run or afternoon meditation session. We all recharge and re-energize in different ways. It’s not so much about the habit itself but about having a consistent practice that supports your energy levels. Building this into a habit for yourself can help you generate and maintain the energy you need to run a thriving business.

Maintain Your Standards

What do you want your business to be known for? What are the standards you hold yourself to with every single client? When you connect these things to your habits, you ensure that the quality of your service stays exactly where it needs to be. We all have off days, but we can’t let these interfere with the service we deliver. When you have habits that uphold your standards, even on those days where you may be feeling tired or distracted, you’ll be able to lean on these things to still come through for your clients.

Minimize Wasted Time

Habits also help us maximize our time. When you intentionally build healthy habits into your life, you reduce the amount of time you have for distractions. This isn’t about scheduling out every minute of your day. Breaks are also valuable and we need time to recharge. But having healthy habits in addition to that can help keep us on track when we need to be. Maybe you have a morning habit of taking a walk before heading to work, for example. This fills a 20-minute window in your morning. If you didn’t have a habit during this time, you might lose those 20 minutes to scrolling through social media or other distractions.

I really believe that our daily habits can influence our success. Sure, they’re not the only factor. But they’re a component that, over time, can have a real impact. If you’re interested in learning more about the things you can do every day to build your business, reach out. I’d be happy to set up a time for us to talk.

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