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How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Q2 Goals?

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Quarterly goals are a great way for professionals to move themselves and their businesses forward. While a month might be too short of a timeframe to accomplish a major goal, setting only 6-month or year-long goals can make progress feel slow. Having a mixture of short- and long-term goals is the best strategy, and quarterly goals are great to incorporate into that strategy. Whether you’re striving to hit a specific sales target or grow your social media presence, here are some key questions you can ask yourself to ensure you’re on track to accomplish this quarter’s goals:

Do you know what you need to do today?

I think one of the biggest limitations when it comes to achievement is the lack of a detailed plan. We might be able to envision the big-picture goal, but if we don’t map out the individual steps we need to take to get there, it can be challenging to make progress. When it comes to your goals for this quarter, do you have an action plan? Do you know what effort you need to put in today to keep you on track? Having that plan is essential to maximizing these three months.

Do you know what fuel you need?

What is your optimal state for working towards these goals? Do you need to feel more energized? More motivated? Then ask yourself what will fuel that. Maybe you need a mid-afternoon break to go for a walk and recharge, or maybe you need to listen to a podcast each morning that gets you excited about the work you’re doing. Think about how you can set yourself up for success and create the right conditions to get into that optimal state.

How do you plan to stay accountable?

Accountability is essential when it comes to achievement. How do you plan to stay on track over the next three months? Whether you have a fellow professional or mentor that you stay connected with, or perhaps you simply have a routine of checking in with your plan daily to monitor your progress. Either way, having some type of system in place to keep you connected to your goals each day is incredibly helpful to staying accountable.

Why does it matter to you?

Why are you trying to achieve these things in the first place? It might seem obvious, but until you’ve really defined the importance of these goals for yourself, you’re missing out on some untapped motivation. It’s easy to get into the habit of going through the motions, but if you’re truly committed to achieving the goals you set out for yourself, you need that deeper connection to them to help you power through.

Do you set quarterly goals for yourself? Do you find this to be a useful timeframe? How do you map out your plan? If you’d like to delve into the details of setting goals and making the most of this quarter, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’d be happy to set up a time to connect!

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