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How Can We Inspire Loyalty in Our Clients?

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One of the LOs on my team asked me recently why I’m always talking about the importance of having loyal clients. Her point was, if repeat business is years away, if ever, why does it matter that clients are loyal. She has a good point — but it’s about much more than the possibility of repeat business down the road. Having loyal clients is how you earn raving reviews (more on why reviews are so important, here), consistent referrals, and yes… repeat business. So, how do we make our clients loyal?  Well, loyalty isn’t earned overnight, it takes time and effort to get there. Here are a few ideas on how to make sure every client is a loyal client:

Be Authentic

Because loyalty is based on trust, we should start by talking a little about that. Authenticity is one of the best ways to build trust quickly with clients. Make a personal connection — it’s a sure-fire way to begin building a rea-world relationship that transcends a strictly-business relationship. This doesn’t mean you have to be less professional; it just means being true to who you are. If you’re overly formal, too salesy, or try to present a different image of yourself, you’re going to have a hard time putting your clients at ease. Every one of your clients wants to work with a real person, someone who understands their needs. Make personal connection a priority.

Exceed Expectations

Which businesses are you loyal to? It could be restaurants, your mechanic, or your favorite coffee shop. It’s highly probable that you chose these places because they stood out to you above the rest. This is exactly what LOs need to strive to do for their clients… stand out. That’s how you’ll create an impressive experience that inspires loyalty. Instead of delivering a by-the-book service, show your clients that you’re committed to their satisfaction. Then, in return, they’ll return the favor with their loyalty.

Prioritize Relationships Over Transactions

Your attitude when it comes to your clients plays an important role in how they view the experience. If you treat them like they’re just another in a long line of transactions, you’re not going to earn their loyalty. Focus on cultivating relationships with your clients that transcend the transaction. This brings a different quality to every interaction and helps assure your clients that you’re there for them and entirely on their team.

You want a long list of clients who wouldn’t think twice about using you again and who are proud to send you referral business, then you’re going to want to inspire their loyalty. These are just a few ways that you can earn loyalty from your clients. Pay attention to what your clients respond to, and then do more of that.

Good luck and let me know how any of these tips may have helped you!


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