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So often, we talk about success like a fixed point. Especially around the start of a new year, it can be tempting to set sweeping resolutions about what we want to achieve in the next year. While I’m not against making resolutions, I think focusing on the idea of evolution can be even more valuable. Here’s what I mean:

Value Change

I like the idea of evolving as a professional because it connects to the fact that change is inevitable. Things are constantly changing, and the more we resist that, the more difficult a time we will have. The market changes, our level of success changes, even our idea of success changes. When we can embrace and value change rather than fight against it, we give ourselves the power to evolve and change as well.

Seek Out Knowledge

Another way to fuel our evolution is to seek out knowledge. Learning is a powerful way to promote our own growth and development as professionals. Whether it’s a subject specifically related to the mortgage industry or a more general topic that inspires you, delving into acquiring knowledge will help you continue to evolve. It will spark new ideas, new goals, and new pathways to greater success.

Revisit Goals

As we evolve, our goals may evolve as well. Too often, we set a major goal for the year ahead, and then fault ourselves halfway through the year for losing steam. Sometimes, maybe we have simply lost motivation and need to re-energize, but other times, it may be that that goal is no longer quite right for us. When we rigidly sick to our goals, we can sabotage our inspiration and potential. When we allow our goals to evolve alongside us, we ensure that our goals are always pushing us in the direction we want to go.

Celebrate Progress

Finally, evolution isn’t about arriving somewhere. It’s about the act of continuous change and improvement. Rather than a black-and-white, pass-or-fail mentality, evolution leaves space for us to celebrate progress in all its forms. 2020 was a challenging year for most to say the very least. Maybe you hit some setbacks or were sidetracked from some of your goals. Chances are, though, you also evolved. Take a look back on the last twelve months, and acknowledge the ways you’ve managed to evolve with massive amounts of change and uncertainty. Carry that confidence into the new year, and continue to celebrate your ability to grow and change.

We are always evolving as professionals. As our industry changes, our work changes, and the market changes, the ability to evolve is incredibly valuable. Does the idea of this professional evolution resonate with you? If you’d like to discuss it further, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can set up a time to talk.

Don Riggs

VP – Retail Market Leader

NMLS 132702