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Entrepreneurial Problem-Solving

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Entrepreneurs have a reputation for being great problem-solvers. So, what sets them apart? This is a great question for mortgage professionals to explore. We all experience problems in our work, and the better we’re able to solve them, the faster we can continue moving towards success. Whether it’s a small problem in a daily situation or a more overarching problem with business in general, bringing an entrepreneurial approach to your problem-solving can help you arrive at a solution more efficiently. Here’s why:


Entrepreneurs tend to be curious by nature, and they bring that attitude of curiosity when it comes to solving their problems. Instead of seeing an annoying hurdle, they see a puzzle to solve or mystery to crack. They also tend to have an optimistic attitude about their ability to find a solution. Finally, they believe more generally that problems and challenges are key opportunities for learning and growth. When you adjust your attitude towards problems, you often set yourself up to be more calm, open-minded, and confident.


Entrepreneurs are also known for their innovation, and they bring that quality to their problem-solving as well. Entrepreneurs know how to think outside the box and get creative. When they look at a problem, they’re not necessarily looking to find an already-made solution. In fact, most prefer to design their own. This helps entrepreneurs to customize their solutions to their unique needs and to solve problems in a way that makes the most sense for their business. It also helps them to make forward progress. Though a problem may be a challenge standing in your way, when you create an innovative solution to break through it, you move forward with new knowledge.


Professionals who are highly averse to risk tend to struggle when it comes to problem-solving. This is because they don’t like things like experimentation and trial and error. The risk of failure is simply too high. For entrepreneurs, risk is part of the job. They’re comfortable with taking calculated risks and they understand the potential for failure. This allows them to dive in and test creative solutions without the fear of failure holding them back. It also helps them to be less intimidated by the problems that arise. You have more than one opportunity to discover a solution, and the process of working through your ideas can be highly informative.


Finally, entrepreneurs are determined. Being an entrepreneur is challenging. You’re forging your own path, and it’s certain you’ll encounter many challenges along the way. Entrepreneurs know how to persevere through these difficulties. They believe in their ability to succeed, and they don’t give up easily. This applies to their problem solving-efforts as well. Sure, they might take a break and step away from a particularly challenging problem, but they return to it with renewed determination to find a solution.


Bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to your problem-solving is a great way to give your skills a boost. No matter what size problem you might be facing, looking at it from an entrepreneurial lens can give you a real advantage. What else makes entrepreneurs such great problem-solvers? I’d love to hear your thoughts!