Don’t Overlook These Benefits of the VA Home Loan

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I hope you had a great, long weekend celebrating Independence Day!  As part of our ‘Bringing You Home’ VA Campaign, we want to bring you our VA Home Loan Program Video! With continued efforts to bring awareness to Envoy’s support of our VA community, we’ve created our very first VA video!

Designed to educate military homebuyers on some of the benefits of the VA Loan Program, this 80 second video is just scratches the surface! Click the screen below to view our VA Video or click here. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with all your veteran friends on your social media accounts!

All of our loan officers are Envoy Certified VA Experts!

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If you’re a loan officer, consider coming to work for Envoy, where we have great training, great benefits, and work hard to support our troops!