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Do You Consider Yourself a Mortgage Expert?

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The goal for many prospective borrowers when they set out to choose a loan officer, is to work with an expert in the industry. Borrowers want to partner with someone who can confidently and assuredly guide them through the process, because they’ve been through it countless times before. You don’t need to be a 20-year veteran of the industry to be an expert, though. If you you’ve done the work and know your stuff, you need only position yourself as an expert in the right places. Here are some ideas to make it clear to prospects that you are indeed a mortgage expert:

Your Brand

Apart from direct referrals, just about everyone these days is going to google your name before deciding to work with you. Your brand will help immensely in establishing yourself as an industry expert. A strong brand makes you instantly recognizable, and acts as a professional, impressive introduction to who you are and the way you do business. When a prospect sees a sharp online presence, with the same images and colors and consistent messaging across multiple platforms, they see that you’re confident in what you do, and that you take your work seriously. Having a uniform presence helps you stand out from the competition, and it betters your chances of rising to the top of a potential client’s list of options. More on the importance of your brand, here.

Your Content

Along with your brand, the content you create and share can also promote you as an expert in the industry. When you skip solicitations and share educational material that helps future borrowers better understand the borrowing process, you demonstrate that you’re a resource rather than a salesperson. This too helps prospective clients see that you’re knowledgeable, and that you have a commitment to educating consumers. The best ideas for content often come from the questions and concerns that you hear most often from clients. More on developing quality content, here.

It’s a Relationship, not a Transaction

Being an expert in the mortgage industry has nothing to do with complicated concepts and indecipherable jargon. Real experts know how to assess each situation, get to know who they’re talking to, and then break things down in a way that those specific individuals will best understand. The entire goal is to have clients that feel understood, comfortable, and informed enough to make a decision confidently. That blend of connection and expertise is an effective one. And if you’re successful in building a real relationship with your clients, then they’re going to use you again in the future, and they’re going to tell their family and friends about you.

Don’t Lecture… Have Conversations

Some professionals talk to their clients, rather than talking with them. Granted, you know a great deal more than they do about the mortgage process, but nobody wants to feel like they’re being lectured in a classroom — not even students. Pay attention to how you conduct yourself with prospects and clients. Make sure that you’re having a conversation where both parties are participating equally. You can still communicate all of the information that you need to without performing a soliloquy. Slow down and make sure your clients are following along, and ask more questions. Then, really listen to the answers. You need to be able to spot any areas of misunderstanding or confusion and clear them up right away. By checking in with your clients allowing them to let you know what they need, you’ll develop stronger relationships, and have clients that feel perfectly confident all along the way.

Positioning yourself as an expert is a valuable strategy for loan officers to grow strong, successful businesses. From your branding and marketing, through to how you interact with prospects and clients, you can harness that expertise and use it to deliver the best client experience possible.

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