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Building Strong Relationships With Your Current Clients

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When we’re focused on trying to bring in new business, it can be tempting to direct so much of our focus outwards. And while we certainly want to invest in branding and marketing activities, we can’t forget the most important part of our business – our clients. When you invest in strong relationships with your clients, you’re investing in a stronger business. So, what can loan officers do to ensure these relationships are where they need to be? Let’s take a look:


This is where any strong relationship starts. Loan officers need to be authentic with their clients, and to do that, they need to understand themselves. Your clients can’t build a relationship with a cold exterior, they need to engage with a real person. This doesn’t mean letting your professionalism go, but it does mean bringing some of your personality to your client relationships. Some professionals can feel almost robotic, just going through the motions as they do with every other client. To build strong relationships, loan officers need to take a person-to-person approach with every client they interact with.


With authenticity as your foundation, communication is a key tool you’ll use to build the relationship. Are you actively listening to your clients? Are you creating space for them to ask questions and voice concerns? Are you staying in regular contact? Providing frequent updates? These are all essential elements of communication for loan officers. Relationships require attention and maintenance, and communication is one of the best ways to ensure they’re growing stronger.


As you communicate with your clients, are you showing empathy? To you, the loan process is incredibly familiar. You’re aware of the many twists and turns, and you’ve seen countless loans through to closing. For your clients though, that’s rarely the case. Even if they’ve been through the mortgage process a couple of times, it’s still a large financial decision and a major part of their lives. As their loan officer, it’s important to be sensitive to these facts. It’s important to understand their stress and worries as well as their eagerness and excitement so that you can connect with them where they are.


Trust certainly isn’t something you can build overnight. It takes time and consistent effort to earn your clients’ trust. When you continually demonstrate your commitment to their experience and you show that you’re confident you can guide them through this process, that trust will start to develop. When it comes to trust, loan officers need to have some patience. They need to believe that putting in the consistent effort will lead to the trust they want to establish with their clients.

It’s understandable if wanting to grow your business has you looking outwards for prospective clients – that’s where some of your focus needs to go. It’s also important, though, that loan officers don’t lose sight of the central aspect of their business – their current clients. Building these relationships will strengthen your business and give you a more solid foundation to build on. What are your thoughts on client relationships? How do you ensure you have strong relationships with your clients? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Don Riggs

VP – Retail Market Leader

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