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Are You Accessible to Your Clients?

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One of the most important parts of delivering a high-quality experience to our clients is being accessible to them. Clients are trusting you to guide them through a major financial decision, and it’s essential that they feel supported throughout the process. When a client is always getting your voicemail, needing to send multiple messages, or waiting more than a day to hear back from you, it can quickly start to erode their trust. If you want to build a strong client experience strategy, here are some key things to consider around your accessibility:

Flexible Hours

As loan officers, we don’t usually get the luxury of clocking out at 5pm and being done for the day. To deliver the best service, we need to be there for our clients when they need us, and that may mean after typical business hours or on the weekend. Maybe the only time your client has to talk during the week is when they get out of work. Being available for those last-minute calls can help your clients feel like a priority.

Different Means of Communication

Loan officers should also consider how their clients can get in touch. Some clients prefer a phone call, even for a quick question, while others would rather email or text. Offering different means of communication and ensuring that you’re responsive to all of them allows you to be even more accessible to your clients.

Prompt Follow Up

Some days are hectic and we may not be able to answer our phone or immediately respond to an email. This is where a prompt follow up comes into play. While we strive to be there whenever our clients need us, if we miss them, getting back to them right away is the next best thing. Even if you’re still crunched for time and can’t write a full response back, simply letting them know their message was received and that you’ll be in touch shortly can put them at ease.

Clear Expectations

Finally, it’s also important for loan officers to establish clear expectations with their clients around their accessibility. Have a discussion about this in your initial meeting. Let them know your commitment to being available for them and the best ways to reach them. You can also let them know that if you don’t answer right away, they can be sure they’ll receive a response soon. See if your clients have a preferred means of communication and use that whenever possible. It will be different for each client, but customizing the experience in this way gives your service a boost.

How do you navigate being accessible to your clients? And how do you keep work from taking over your personal life in the process? If you’d like to discuss strategies to deliver the best possible client experience, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to connect.

Don Riggs

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