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Completely employee-owned, USA Mortgage is driven with a passion for always improving the mortgage process by finding the right types of loans for your customers, with rates that work for them. You can be sure that we have a real stake in providing you, your Realtor and you with the best loan experience possible. We enjoy what we do and are committed to making it enjoyable for all.

We have options. With a vastly diverse portfolio of loan products, we have the ability to find and offer the best choice. And, with our operations completely in-house, we can give you an edge when it comes to access, fees and rates.

We also have strong strategic relationships within the industry and a reputation that can’t be matched. As partners with nearly every major financial services firm and real estate brokerage in the country, we can accommodate almost any financial situation and offer countless possibilities. In fact, most of our home loans are referrals by other people in the industry because of our level of integrity and how trusted we truly are.

USA Mortgage upholds the standard of having customers for life, and the ability to enjoy such an enduring relationship with them is unparalleled. We live to provide “moments of magic” for our customers. It is our core belief that they deserve the highest level of attention and care possible, especially during one of the most important transactions of their life.

We’re with you, every step of the way.

Our Story

We are the Home of Possibility and your key to mortgage, home finance and real estate content!

At USA Mortgage, a subsidiary of DAS Acquisition Company, LLC., our mission remains the unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

We pride ourselves on our local lending excellence and the superior level of service that our status as a mortgage bank enables us to provide.

USA Mortgage was just awarded as one of the Top 50 Mortgage Companies by Mortgage Executive Magazine! This award was given thanks to the incredible work ethic and superior dedication of improving the home financing solution process displayed by our experienced Mortgage Loan Originators every day.

At every level of the organization, we value our Mortgage Loan Originators, Support Staff and recognize there is no company without them. Being employee-owned creates energized, empowered entrepreneurs that are constantly working to make the mortgage process smoother, faster, even more enjoyable, for you.

We keep opening doors as a mortgage industry leader.

For EVERY YEAR since our inception in 2001, the St. Louis Business Journal™ has named USA Mortgage and DAS Acquisition Company among the top choices for a residential lender in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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The market is
the market.

The industry, trends, product guidelines, rates . . . All of it can change on a dime. We believe that you have to be able to survive right now. We don’t believe in the “ride it out” mentality or a “when the market picks up again” way of thinking. For us, it’s about operating in the mindset that “this is the new norm,” whatever it might be that day. It’s about being mentally tough to hunker down and get to work no matter what the market conditions are.

It’s all about being nimble. Quick to change strategies and tactics. Meticulously adhering to a process or being open to writing new ones. Adaptability and the strength to succeed now is the key. How do we do it? With open-minded, eager professionals on our team who are process-driven and see the bigger picture.

Awards & Recognition

We’re humbled by the recognition we’ve received. It’s proof that, through our customer service and technology, we’re making the right steps to deliver the best mortgage experience possible.


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