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5 Tips for Loan Officers to Create a Nighttime Routine for Success

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The mortgage industry can be fast-paced and demanding. For professionals wanting to maximize their waking hours, building a healthy nighttime routine is a great strategy. By helping your body to get enough quality rest and giving your mind the opportunity to rest and recharge, you’ll establish a strong foundation for the next day. While it’s easy to focus on strategies to increase productivity and tools to close more deals, focusing on your rest may be just as beneficial. Read on for some tips to create a strong nighttime routine to support your success:


Take time to wind down

For most professionals in the mortgage industry, the days are long and busy. With so much to accomplish, it can be tempting to bring work home with you. Even if you leave paperwork at the office, calls and emails from clients can eat up hours of your evening. If you have a large goal you’re working towards, brainstorming new strategies and consuming educational material may be a nightly ritual. While a level of dedication is great, experts recommend disengaging from work-related or demanding activities two hours before you plan to fall asleep. If checking out isn’t easy, try setting a pre-bedtime alarm to remind yourself to switch gears and start relaxing. It will help you fall asleep faster and get a better night’s rest.


Find an activity that suits you

There are many recommended activities that make great additions to a nightly routine. If you haven’t been intentionally focusing on how you spend the few hours before falling asleep, give some of these a try and see which work best for you. If you can find a few activities you enjoy, you’ll be able to mix it up depending on your needs. Some of the top nighttime activities include reading (though perhaps save those work-related books for a different time), meditating, taking a walk, and engaging in something creative. Get intentional with how you spend the hours before falling asleep, and choose an activity that will benefit your body and mind.


Stay consistent

Most experts agree that having a regular sleep schedule is key to getting the best rest and waking up recharged. This means falling asleep and waking up at the same time every day. If your sleep schedule is all over the place, commit to giving this a try. While it might feel strange to head to bed early on a Saturday night and wake up before you need to get out of bed, if you give your body a few weeks to get in the routine, you’ll likely feel the benefits of the adjustment and want to stick with it. Having other routine activities you engage in before bed can help keep you on schedule.


Make a plan

For many of us, our head hits the pillow and our mind starts tackling tomorrow. Taking time to wind down and engaging in some relaxing activities will likely help with this, but sometimes it can feel like our thoughts are in control. A great way to quiet the mind and give yourself a head start in the morning is to plan out your day. It’s best to do this a couple hours before you’d like to fall asleep and before you get into bed. Listing your top priorities for the day, organizing your schedule, and jotting down any problems you plan to revisit are great places to start with this plan. By getting it out on paper, you can allow your mind to relax, knowing it will all be there for you tomorrow. When you wake up, you’ll be prepared for the day ahead.



Though this tip will come as no surprise, it’s worth including. Especially for mortgage professionals, it can be easy to feel tied to a device. Whether it’s calling a client, replying to an email from a prospect, or listening to a podcast about the latest marketing trends, our smartphones and tablets allow us to access work around the clock. Even if you’re using a device to relax, reading an article or watching a show, the light from the device can throw off your body’s sleep rhythm. Just like making time to wind down, it’s also great to make time to do so without a screen. If possible, plan your nightly routine so that your screen time, whether work-related or not, falls as early in your evening as possible.


Building a strong nighttime routine can set you up for success. While everyone’s routine will look a bit different, the key is consistency. Whether you already have a routine or you’re thinking about creating one, try out some different tips and strategies and find what works best for you; then stick with it for a while, and improve it when necessary. If you want to wake up feeling recharged and ready to go, the best place to start is the night before.


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