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5 Reasons Not To Become A Sales Manager

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I spend a lot of time managing my team — and I love it! I spend more time writing this blog, hopefully sharing a few of the lessons I’ve learned along the way with those of you who either already are or aspire to be sales managers. For those of you who already are sales managers, I hope this blog makes you better. For those of you who aspire to be sales managers, I just have one more lesson for you:


OK. That may seem weird. I mean, I want people to become sales managers (in fact, I want people to become managers of very successful mortgage teams, and then come over to my side of the fence, where the grass is much, much greener).

But the truth of the matter is, being a sales manager isn’t for everyone. And there’s a pervasive problem in the industry, where we try and convince every great sales person that the next step in their career — the thing they must do if they want to be fulfilled — is to get “promoted” into a management role.

Now, for some sales reps — for those who may not be at the top of the sales game, but have great management potential, that might be true. But for most truly great sales reps, becoming a sales manager is a big mistake, and we as senior management do them a serious disservice by telling them that that’s the correct career path.

Why shouldn’t you become a sales manager? Here are five reasons:

1) You lose your autonomy (you now belong to your sales team – whenever they need you).
2) You lose your opportunity to sell (you need to let your salespeople sell).
3) It was hard enough to manage yourself (now you have to manage others, too.)
4) You can never go back.
5) You make less money.

Let me make it simple: if you’re a top 10% sales performer, keep doing what you do. (And call me, I have a job for you).


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