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5 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Stronger Brand

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Loan officers today know how important it is to have a solid brand. But when’s the last time you really checked in on yours? While you might have invested a lot of time initially, it’s essential to make time for regular maintenance and updating, making sure it continues to accurately reflect you and help you target the audience you want. Here are the top 5 questions to ask yourself to help strengthen your brand:

What’s your “why”?

What drives you to do the work that you do? This is your “why”, and it should form the foundation of your business and your brand. Perhaps that “why” is fresh in your mind, or maybe you’ve gotten caught up in the day-to-day. Either way, it’s always worth taking time to connect to that deeper meaning. What makes you passionate about your work? This often is what sets you apart from the competition and helps you stand out to prospects. When you check in on your brand, make sure it accurately reflects why you do the work you do.

Is your online presence authentic?

Let’s delve into online presence. Does your online presence convey your “why”?. What kind of language do you use in your posts, comments, and blogs? Your online voice makes a strong impression on your audience. Many of the people you interact with online may have never met you in person, so make sure your virtual first impression is top notch. Most importantly, check in on your posts and images. Do these give an authentic impression of you and your business? And are they consistent, or are you throwing people off? Posting a variety of content can convey that you’re multidimensional, but just make sure you’re creating a consistent impression overall — one that helps your prospects begin to trust and understand you and your business values.

Are you making it easier or harder for people to follow you?

This question asks you to look at your online accessibility. Are you making your brand known online? I recommend trying out at least one new social-media platform and seeing how it can boost your business growth over time. You’re likely using LinkedIn and Facebook, but do you actively use a Twitter or Instagram account. Making yourself more present and accessible online might seem like a lot of work, but there are major payoffs. Your target client base today is likely using social media, so the more you spread the word online, the more potential reach you’ll have. I also think it’s important to check in on your business cards. Are they visually pleasing with clear information? They’ll likely lead people to your website, so make sure your site includes all the links to your social media accounts, making it easy for current prospects, clients, and past clients to follow you.

Are using your database to follow up consistently?

An organized database is another foundation for a stronger brand. It’s also the foundation for an effective database marketing strategy. The more organized you are about your information on leads, prospects and past clients, the better you can stay in touch all year long and stay top of mind. When you use your database to follow up consistently, this helps strengthen your brand and reputation. It also gives you the potential for more valuable referral business.

Facebook: Are you posting closing content?

Posting great content to Facebook is a must for loan originators today. But even better than promoting your posts is making sure you’re posting creative closing content that’ll get you noticed. Make sure that at each closing, you snap a photo with your clients (with their permission of course). Then, create a Facebook post with the photo, tagging and celebrating their big day with them. Not only does it help them share the news, but your name will easily be shared with their network, giving you free marketing and a broader reach.


A strong and engaging brand is so important for LOs today, especially in this competitive industry. Even though you already have an established brand, I think it’s important to check in on it from time to time. The more you align your brand with your values and share the word online, the more likely you’ll be to gain the followers and prospects you need to keep your business thriving.



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