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5 Mindsets for Sales-Management Success

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Each member of the sales team is an important piece of the bigger puzzle; and it requires an intentional environment in order to yield the sales results you desire. Much of the team’s direction and success lies in the hands of the manager. To give the best guidance, support, and inspiration to your team, checking in on the mindsets you hold is a great place to start. These mindsets govern your actions and interactions, and so form a foundation for your management. By adopting and implementing the right mindsets, managers can develop and foster an environment that inspires the growth of their entire team. Here are 5 mindsets that all sales managers can benefit from incorporating into their management roles:


1. Optimism

People with optimistic mindsets seem to attract positivity and success; and it isn’t by magic. If you choose to be positive, even in the face of difficulties, you’re more likely to continue pushing towards future success. More people and opportunities will come your way because you’ve opened yourself up to them. This mindset of optimism means that even if you fail at times, which is inevitable in sales, you’re willing to learn and improve instead of getting discouraged and frustrated. In sales, people who hold a pessimistic mindset are not likely to succeed. Failures and unexpected bumps in the road will throw them off course instead of providing valuable lessons. They will often have a hard time trusting their team and take on excessive work themselves. By taking an optimistic approach, sales managers can provide an inspiring example for their team to do the same.


2. Problem-solving

Successful sales pros are committed to great problem-solving. They are steadfast and refuse to throw in the towel when they encounter issues. Managers who are looking to become more successful can start by working on their commitment to finding solutions to problems within their branch. Begin adopting the mindset that each problem can be worked through in time and isn’t an impossible hurdle. Whether it’s an issue with a client or an employee, approaching situations with trust in the possibility of a solution makes it that much more likely that you’ll find one.


3. Creative Experimentation

Sales managers who embrace creativity often find it easier to handle all that this unpredictable profession throws at them. Using unconventional ideas can be instrumental to problem solving and generating new business methods. Managers who are committed to thinking outside the box and trying new things make space for their employees to do the same. Whether they’re coming up with new approaches to interacting with their team or devising new ways to improve the sales pipeline, having the mindset of creativity can allow for valuable experimentation. When a manager leads in this way, they create an environment in which their team can express their ideas in an open forum, fostering a culture that promotes innovative ideas.


4. Lifelong learning

Even the best mortgage professionals today admit that they don’t know it all. They’re constantly seeking new knowledge, learning from others in the mortgage industry, and networking to share ideas. Staying informed is key to gaining respect as a manager; and admitting you don’t know everything is equally important to foster trust and respect. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in the industry, managers still need to retain their humility and their thirst for knowledge. By showing this mindset of being humble and willing to learn, managers lead by example for the rest of their team who can benefit from this mindset as well.


5. Flexibility

Adversity and change is inevitable in sales. The only constant is change, and at times it can be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. Managers who have a mindset of flexibility and adaptability are far more likely to continue finding success for the long haul. This mindset means being willing to shift expectations when necessary and “roll with the punches”. Being aware that situations that change quickly and responding with a flexible attitude is absolutely a must in the sales profession.


Though it’s easy to fall into the same habits and practices as a manager, there are simple mindset shifts that can dramatically increase your success and that of your branch. The success of your team begins with you and the states of mind you manage with each day. Start cultivating mindsets that promote growth so that you and your team can develop, improve, and achieve success.