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3 Common Mistakes of Mortgage Branch Managers and How to Avoid Them

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Managing a sales team gives you the opportunity to take the reins in creating a more successful business. Along the way to becoming a great branch manager, you’re bound to encounter various challenges and make some mistakes. Some of these mistakes are more subtle and difficult to anticipate, and they have the potential to throw you off. Simple missteps can cause your team to underperform and can cause your branch to become less successful as a whole. If you can learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes, you’ll help your branch to continue progressing smoothly towards success. Here are 3 common mistakes of branch managers and some strategies to sidestep them:


Mistake #1: Micromanaging

While some managers are too hands-off, leaving their employees with little to no direction, many managers have the opposite problem. They over-manage their team in a way that’s very detrimental. Great managers know that guiding their employees is critical, but that giving them room to do the job is equally important. When you micromanage, watching and criticizing their every move or even taking over their job completely, you’re doing a disservice to them as well as to the branch. Hovering and micromanaging often leads to one of two things: employees will quit to work under better management, or their confidence to complete even the most menial tasks will go out the window.

Solution: Give employees the space to work independently

Instead of micromanaging and causing your employee to become discouraged or unmotivated, empower them to work through an issue independently, with guidance from you if they need it. Let them know that you trust their abilities and judgment while keeping your door open for questions along the way. You can even set a specific schedule where you check in regularly, to help set parameters for both yourself and your employees. With space to work more independently, your team will occasionally make mistakes, but this will provide learning opportunities and inspiration for growth. The key is to keep your employees feeling capable and confident enough to use their skills and perform at their best.


Mistake #2: Saying “yes” to too many tasks

In addition to micromanaging, managers also tend to take on too much at once. When you commit to too many projects without pausing to consider your current workload, you’re setting yourself up for stress. This isn’t a healthy practice for you or your employees. You’ll become burnt out in the end, and your team will feel like you don’t trust them enough to take on new tasks.

Solution: Delegate

Delegating tasks to your employees doesn’t make you a lazy manager. It’s actually essential for the entire team dynamic to work. Start determining which jobs deserve your attention and which of them can be handled by your team. Save your energy and attention to focus on the areas you need to in order to be successful. Your employees will be more empowered knowing that you trust them to fulfill these tasks independently.


Mistake #3: Losing sight of the big picture

Working day in and day out in a management position can sometimes lead to burnout. Managers can often start to lose track of their larger goals, both personal and professional. Getting lost in the details of the daily grind can create a tunnel vision that causes you to forget the mission of your branch and how you contribute to it.

Solution: Remind yourself and your employees

When you find yourself losing the big picture, refer back to your own goals and the mission of your branch. Remind yourself how your actions lead to the larger function of the branch and make sure your team knows as well. As a leader, you need to remember why you’re here doing what you do each day in order to inspire your employees to do the same. The more they understand the overall branch goals, the better you can all plan how to achieve them do your part.


Sometimes the seemingly small mistakes of managers can have a large impact on their entire mortgage branch. Avoiding micromanagement and giving your team space will help employees remain motivated to work to their highest potential. Avoid becoming a one-man branch and taking on too many responsibilities, and instead, delegate to your team and create a healthier group dynamic. By keeping the big picture goals in mind and reminding your team, you’ll all have better tools to work towards a more efficient and successful branch.



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